Laguiole Boys French Cutlery Set

Delightful Style For Little Men

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Let this Boys French Cutlery Set add a traditional French element to your child's table setting. This stylish Dubost cutlery wears a polished look with coloured handles, reflecting the finest craftsmanship that each piece carries. Done with ABS plastic handles, this awesomely stamped cutlery set includes a spoon, a cake fork, and a pate knife that are carefully fitted into a carved wooden display box.

Make your kids experience the essence of fine dining with a taste of French table etiquette. Your kids will surely love to receive this cutlery set as a gift on birthdays, celebrations, and other special occasions. Everything But Flowers is one of Australias top gift websites with more than a 1,000 gifts for you to choose from. Everything But Flowers offers free Australia-wide delivery service on orders over $99.

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