Jump the Beach Skydive, QLD

Join Jump the Beach Mission Beach at 14,000-feet!

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Calling all thrill-seekers and adrenaline-junkies: the unbelievable beauty of Far North Queensland awaits you! With its resplendent rainforest, tropical islands, and Great Barrier Reef, you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful skydiving locale. Mission Beach is just south of Cairns and promises unspoiled natural beauty. Previous skydiving experience isn’t required to jump into this thrilling, heart-pounding adventure!

After exiting the plane at 14,000-feet and enjoying all the views your tandem skydiving experience will offer, you’ll land on your own private beach! Once there, sit back and have a delicious lunch and a refreshing drink at Castaways, our exclusive beach-front resort. Then take your time to avail yourself of the resort’s wonderful facilities, like the bar, swimming pool, gym, and Internet.

Included in this tandem skydiving package is a beach landing, 100% guaranteed. You’ll also receive free lunch and drink, as well as access to the facilities at Castaways. Skydive Australia offers free coach transfers from Cairns and Mission Beach. Same day bookings are available! So join us for an unforgettable 5-star experience. It’s perfect for honeymooners and thrill-seeking couples who love a little extra comfort.

About Skydive Australia

With over 1 million jumps made and a combined experience of nearly 500 years, you choose the cream-of-the-crop when you choose Skydive Australia. They are without a doubt the most experienced Tandem Skydiving operator in Australia! You’ll also find that they’re 100% committed to your safety.

Terms and Conditions:

Age limits: Teenagers aged 12-18 years must have consent from a parent or legal guardian. If the parent or guardian cannot be in attendance on the day of your skydive, notify the skydiving office immediately so we can arrange to receive the correct documents before your skydive.


Alcohol: You must not consume alcohol for 8 hours before your tandem skydive. We reserve the right to refuse service to any clients we suspect to be intoxicated. No refund will be given.

Scuba Diving: Due to medical restrictions, you must not scuba dive 24 hours prior to skydiving.

Weight Restrictions and Charges: Due to harness restrictions and potential weather conditions, any client weighing 95 kg or above must be assessed by our Drop Zone Safety Officer on-site. Each of our 2 NSW skydiving locations have the following weight restrictions and you must weigh 104 kg or less in Sydney and 110 kg or less in Byron Bay. For weights from 95 kg to 99 kg, $25 must be paid on arrival. For weights from 100 kg to104 kg, $50 must be paid on arrival. $100 to be paid on arrival for the maximum weight allowance of 105 kg at Location. No cash value and no cash back. Booking is required in advance and is subject to availability.

You may cancel and reschedule your tandem skydive 24 hours before your appointment. No-shows void their voucher. All vouchers are emailed to the gift recipient; it’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct email address is supplied. Everything But Flowers experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.