Giggle & Hoot Wooden Dominoes

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Giggle & Hoot dominoes is a great game to play with children. It teaches them to take turns, how to match patterns and following simple rules. It features all your favourite Giggle & Hoot characters and are easy to use. Ages 3+

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Giggle & Hoot Wooden Dominoes

Looking for presents for kids that would put smiles on their faces? Here at Everything But Flowers, we have a wide selection of presents for kids of all ages. From toys and games to science experiments and other fun educational stuff, we have the right gifts for kids that they would definitely enjoy.

Finding a present for a toddler could be difficult. Fortunately, Everything But Flowers offers unique gifts for the little ones that both children and their parents would adore. One of these presents for kids is the fun and educational Giggle & Hoot Wooden Dominoes.

What is Giggle & Hoot Wooden Dominoes?

ABC For Kids puts a fun and exciting twist to this age-old game that everyone loves – dominoes. Instead of the having dots on every piece, the wooden domino pieces feature the friendly characters from Giggle and Hoot, a favourite children’s TV show, making the game more appealing to kids.

The Giggle & Hoot Wooden dominoes set contains 28 pieces of wooden dominoes that are easy to play with and safe for children ages 3 and up. This game is for 2 up to 4 players, so it’s great for the toddler’s play dates with other kids. Each player would take turns matching the characters together, and the first one who uses up all their dominoes wins. The set comes with a storage box for trouble-free clean up and storage. With the colourful and vibrant characters in every domino, this kind of presents for kids will surely be a hit!

Why is the Giggle & Hoot Wooden Dominoes the Perfect Presents for Kids?

The Giggle & Hoot Wooden Dominoes are more than just fun presents for kids. Playing the game actually helps the toddler learn and develop key motor, cognitive, and social skills, without them even realising it.

Matching the pieces enhances the child’s fine motor skills as he or she picks up and handles every domino. It also improves hand-eye coordination every time the kid places down and positions the wooden pieces together. These motor skills are important foundations of more complex skills such as writing, for one. When toddlers play with the Giggle & Hoot Dominoes, they start recognising and identifying shapes, numbers and colours, which are considered basic mathematical skills.

By learning how to match and create patterns the child’s logical skills are being developed, which is crucial for other problem solving tasks. Playing this game with other toddlers allows them to develop social skills as they learn how to take turns and interact with their playmates. It trains the kid how to follow simple rules, how to take pride in achievement, and how to deal with losing. This game provides hours of educational fun, making it one of the greatest presents for kids.

Where Can I Buy the Giggle & Hoot Dominoes and Other Presents for Kids?

The exciting and educational Giggle & Hoot Wooden Dominoes Set is available in Everything But Flowers at a very affordable price. We also have other educational games, fun toys, books, and other unique novelties that are appropriate for kids from toddlers to teens. Make sure to browse our website to see the best presents for kids that we have on offer.

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