Colour My World Wall Art - Apple

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Add a splash of colour to your home with this Colour My World wall art frame with an Apple design. 30x30cm.

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Colour My World Wall Art - Apple

Children are fond of colours which makes wall art one of the most suitable presents for kids. Colours can create a point of interest in any room. Bringing colours in a child’s room would surely brighten up his day every day. Here at Everything But Flowers, we have a multitude of possible presents for kids that you can choose from – all guaranteed colourful and high quality.

Why Add Colour to a Kid’s Room

A number of psychological studies reveal that colours can influence mood and behaviour. Different colours can affect how the brain reacts. Certain colours can even improve sleeping, and enhance memory and academic performance. This is something very useful when decorating a kid’s room. Hence, colourful accents make perfect presents for kids.

4 Colours in Wall Art

This apple-shaped Colour My World Wall Art is one of the most sought after presents for kids. It has 4 major colours which can positively affect a growing child’s mood and performance.

●    As red as cherries
Red is a very energising colour. It can excite the mind, increase heart rate a bit, and create a positive environment. Wall art presents for kids with a bit of red will surely help increase a child’s energy levels.

    As yellow as the sun
Bring a bit of sunshine in with colourful wall art as presents for kids. Yellow is a colour known to brighten up one’s day. It suggests feelings of happiness and optimism. Yellow works well to motivate a child, aid in his or her concentration, and improve memory.

●    As green as grass
Green is a go to colour for kid’s room. Inspired by nature, it is calming and soothing for a child. Splash a bit of green to a child’s bedroom with wall art as presents for kids to create a restful, fresh, relaxing, and calming atmosphere.

●    As blue as the deep sea
Blue is another nature-based colour. Hence, it affects a child similar to greens. It is relaxing, calming, and very comforting as the clouds. This colour is a counterpart of red, and it can lessen the feeling of anxiety and lower blood pressure.

What to Love about Wall Art Presents for Kids

This Colour My World Wall Art is one of the most fantastic presents for kids because it has a unique shape, comes with a variety of colours, and does not cost much.

●    Unique shape
Kids are very creative. They are fond of shapes that do not even exist or have a specific name. Indulge a child’s creativity by giving him or her a wall accent that is not merely square or round shaped. This Colour My World Wall Art has an interesting apple shape.

●    Variety of colours
This wall art can surely grab anyone’s attention because it is colourful. It has six colours – yellow, red, blue, green, brown, and black. The colours are slightly textured as well to add interest to the whole artwork.

●    Size
Finally, this cute wall art that is surprisingly handy but big enough to inspire a child. It only measures 30cm x 30cm.
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