Clothes Line Peg Tin

Keep those pesky pegs in order!

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This peg tin with its country chic style will glam up any old clothes line or hills hoist. Measuring at 14x14x12cm, it the perfect size for all those pesky pegs without taking up too much hanging space on the line.

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Peg Tin with Hook

It is that time of the year once again when you need to find presents for her to celebrate special milestones in your lives. If you have already gone past the romantic stage of your relationship, then perhaps it’s time to be practical in your choices of presents for her. For instance, women are considered to be the champions in managing the home. Men are nothing when it comes to the way women accomplish their tasks. They organise things in the house as if they have a built-in program in their mind that they always follow. If the special woman in your life fits the bill, then we have the perfect item that you can give as presents for her: the Peg Tin with Hook.
Give Presents for Her to Help Make an Organised Home

We all know how stressful doing the laundry can be. This is especially true when you are dealing with stains that are too difficult to remove. Now try doing the laundry for a huge family after a week, you can only imagine how many clothes that will be! You will surely need a large amount of pegs to hang them dry once you're done washing them. This is why you will definitely need a good container that will keep your pegs in a secure place so that they are easier to access once you need them again.
Peg Tin with Hook: Practical Presents for Her

The Peg Tin with Hook has a country chic style that will surely brighten up any ordinary looking clothes line or hills hoist. It is a large container having dimensions of 14 x 14 x 12 cm which makes it the perfect storage space for all the pesky pegs that does not take up too much hanging space on the clothes line. It is made from high quality material which will ensure that it will not immediately get rusty and damaged.
Buying the Peg Tin with Hook as presents for her will surely be a great investment. Your special woman will now have a tool to help her manage the laundry. You will also greatly benefit if you buy the Peg Tin with Hook. If you get this item, you will be spared from her mood swings, since she will no longer be stressed out trying to locate pegs that she can use for hanging your clothes!
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