Reese Necklace Black

Another statement of style by Vivid Jewellery

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This luxurious, handmade black necklace by Reese is so versatile it could be worn to the beach, and then to a ball! Lovingly crafted using wooden, barrel-shaped beads, the necklace is part of a collection by The Vivid Jewellery brand. This company specialises in jewellery created from quality, sustainable materials such as stone and renewable timbers, creating pieces with a luxurious vibe.

The best accessories enhance an outfit and make you feel amazing and unique. The Reese necklace fits the bill perfectly - not too showy, yet sure to receive admiring glances. If you wish us to gift-wrap presents for you, we'll do so and add a card containing a personalised message from you. Here at Everything But Flowers we want your shopping experience to be as pleasurable and easy as possible.

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Reese Necklace (Black)

Choosing to give jewellery as presents for her can be tough. You want to give the right design that will fit her style and personality. Jewellery are however great presents for her because jewelleries are accessories that can make a statement. It can turn any dull outfit into an amazing look instantly. The best part about giving jewellery as a gift is that every time she wears it, she will always remember you, the occasion, and when you gave it to her. The Reese Necklace is a perfect example of jewellery that makes a statement as a gift and as an accessory.

About Reese Necklace

The Reese Necklace is a beautiful short entwined necklace made of wooden beads in barrel shapes. It comes in the colour black so it can be easily paired with any outfit. It is classy and adventurous at the same time because of its colour and design. Let your gift receiver feel elegant and luxurious wearing the Reese Necklace which has been handmade from high-quality and renewable timber material. Each finished accessory is truly a unique piece!

About the Brand: Vivid Jewellery

Vivid Jewellery makes is a family owned business which specialises in custom made jewellery which make great presents for her. They have been creating jewellery for almost two decades and have mastered the trade.  They specialise in gold and diamonds. They use renewable timber and high-quality stones for their accessories; each stone is also hand-cut and painted to ensure quality.

Vivid Jewellery believes that everyday should be a luxurious experience, and that their jewellery is whatever woman needs to feel just that. They create classic designs that should be staples in any wardrobe, statement accessories that will make any woman feel fabulous, and amazing designs that will truly embrace any woman’s personality and style. Handcrafted to perfection, all their accessories are truly wonderful presents for her.

How to Wear a Short Necklace

The Reese Necklace is a wonderful intertwined short necklace that will look more beautiful if worn with the right outfit. Because it is a short necklace, it will look great with crew necks. When wearing a crew neck shirt, make sure that the necklace falls just above the line of the crewneck; your necklace should be visible and not slightly covered. Wearing strapless necks is also a good idea because it will leave the lovely neck bare and the necklace to stand out. Just make sure to not wear the necklace too far from the face so as to not draw attention away from the face.

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