BBQ Marinade - Honey Bacon BBQ

Salty Sweet Marinade to Delight

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You'll never need another marinade thanks to this delicous honey bacon Marinade from Hark Enterprises. This is a mouth watering marinade with just the right blends of flavour to add zing to any meal.

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 BBQ Marinade - Honey Bacon BBQ

Looking for the perfect marinade to add to your bundle of homeware presents? A barbecue marinade with honey bacon flavour is just the perfect choice for you. This marinade sauce combines the best taste of sweet honey and smoked bacon taste. This seasoning will surely bring out the best out of anybody’s home cooked meals. Well, is there anyone out there that does not love bacon?
Have a taste of bacon heaven with this injectable marinade in honey bacon flavour. Pamper everyone with the delicious taste of this injectable marinade. It will bring out a flavourful taste out of turkey, chicken, beef, steak, burgers and wild game. Homeware presents like this will surely bring delight to your family and loved ones. It will surely bring out the chef in everyone.
Mouth-watering Taste of Bacon

Bottles of flavouring ingredients are perfect homeware presents. This ready to use injectable marinade is just the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. Every home cook wants create heavenly food that people will enjoy and this marinade sauce will do just that with any recipe in mind. The mouth-watering sensation brought to life by sweet honey bacon is embodied in this can of injectable marinade. It is just the taste of heaven that you will never forget and will forever remember.
Every bite of meat injected with this marinade will just blow your mind. When injected to food, it will give a mouth-watering experience that can be traced even within the meat. Get an awesome eat out experience by including this marinade in your home cooked recipes.
Excite your Taste Buds

Give your taste buds a different kind of experience with this sweet but salty marinade perfect for pork and hamburger meat. Elate your taste senses with this injectable marinade. By using the innovative method of injecting marinade, the blended seasonings will be infused directly deep inside the meat. It will enrich the delicious flavour of your favourite meat.
Injecting this sauce to any kind of food is sure to create an awesome food experience. Those who will find this as part of their homeware presents are sure to be delighted and will be excited to cook delicious meals with this marinade as seasoning. Inject this marinade and excite everybody’s taste buds.
Homeware Presents you Must Have

Have you ever felt that sometimes you just want to have the same thing you are giving away as homeware presents? Well, you might just feel the same way when you buy this item as choice of gift. Upon knowing the taste of this heavenly marinade sauce, you would want to have it for your own! Buy bottles of this injectable marinade as homeware presents then buy one for your own kitchen for more flavourful home cooked meals.
Get this one and have a blast in cooking variety of meats, seafood, and poultry with rich flavours. This product from the leading and trusted brand of Hark Enterprises will surely give tongues a roller coaster ride through the sweetness and saltiness of honey bacon. The right blend of this flavour will add the zing factor to any home cooked meal.