BBQ Marinade - Hickory BBQ

Delicious BBQ Tang

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The original Injectable marinade that adds just the right amount of tang to any dish. This mouth watering marinade adds a rich BBQ flavour that is suitable for lamb, steak, ribs or pork.

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 BBQ Marinade - Hickory BBQ

Your list of homeware presents must never miss a hickory flavoured barbecue marinade. Add flavour to your grilled chicken, pork, or beef with the mouth-watering taste of hickory barbecue smoke. Give this to your mum or favourite aunt or uncle who never misses barbecue weekend with family and friends. Everyone will enjoy the genuine taste of hickory smoke even without the wood to cook with it.
Bring out the master chef in them come next weekend barbecue cook out when they put this original injectable marinade to any dish. Let them give a twist to their regular recipes and try to add this liquid wonder. Hickory barbecue flavour is just the right taste to impress everyone in a gathering or a get together. Those who will taste the marinated meat would not even remember their names after just the first bite.
A Taste Unlike Any Other

Homeware presents for the kitchen must always include flavouring items. Your lamb, pork, or beef will never taste the same if you cook it with this barbecue flavoured marinade blend. This barbecue marinade adds that hickory smoke taste without actually having to buy the hickory wood for your barbecue. It gives an exceptional taste to your everyday food.
Your favourite meal will never be the same with the classic and timeless taste of hickory smoke. Including bottles of this marinade sauce in your gift basket of homeware presents will surely be a delight to those who will receive them. Pork, beef, lamb will never be cooked and will never taste the same once this marinade is used as part of everyday recipes. It will bring a taste like no other marinade sauce will do on your meat.
Addition to Your Kitchen Must-Have

Flavouring ingredients must be given as homeware presents to your friends and loved-ones who likes to cook. Marinades are not one to forget since they propel a lot of flavour and are good in making your meat tender. It will work to bring out the intense or subtle taste of your great recipes.
Every kitchen must be stocked and filled with spices and flavouring ingredients to have the best cooked meals. In order to produce varying meals to satisfy the different tastes of your guests, you must be able to have the right ingredients to cook just that. Any good cooked meal needs a wide range of seasoning.
What Should Be Included in your List of Homeware Presents?

Your homeware presents must always include flavouring items. A home will never be home if it does not have a working kitchen and any kitchen must always have the flavouring essentials. This include your usual spices, sauces, and marinades.
The BBQ Marinade in Hickory flavour is the perfect addition to your kitchen cabinet seasoning stock. If you want to have a flavourful home cooked meal, this marinade sauce is a necessity for your kitchen. It is a must for you and for everyone who just loves cooking.
This is the perfect present for any occasion since you have to ensure that every recipe must be cooked into perfection to taste like heaven. Bring a twist to your home cooking skills and show your hidden talent in bringing heaven into ones taste buds. Order one now at Everything But Flowers and amaze people with your mad cooking skills!