Baby Bell Wooden Dog

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Made from sustainable plantation forest wood, these loveable characters are a stylish baby gift. Beautifully packaged, they are playful toys that look great as a retro room decoration too! Suitable for ages 18 months + Dimensions of Dog Baby Bell: 10.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 9.5 cm (approximately)

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Baby Bell Wooden Dog

Babies are blessings and a source of genuine happiness for people around them. Because of the joy they bring, it is only natural to desire to buy and give those little ones presents. For quality, safe, and affordable presents for babies for every occasion, Everything But Flowers is the place to go. Look no further than the baby bell wooden dog!  
What to Love About this Baby Bell Wooden Dog?

This baby bell wooden dog is a part of wooden toy range by Tiger Tribe. Made from sustainable plantation forest wood, this baby bell wooden dog was manufactured in an eco-friendly process that mums and babies will approve of. Featuring an adorable and friendly dog, this toy will surely elicit uncontrollable and constant cute laughs from babies.
Toys for babies must be simple to grab their attention and not overwhelm them. With this in mind, this toy is designed with a simple drawing of a dog, using a non-toxic paint. Brown and orange rollers are placed in replacement of legs that will entertain babies and keep them in a happy mood. A short rope was used to serve as the dog’s tail and a bell underneath the dog’s chin completes the toy. When given as presents for babies, this toy will make playtime fun and add a delightful environment.  
The design of this toy can help improve the imagination and mental development of babies. As the bell creates a range of soft and loud sounds, it also enhances their listening skills and concentration. Help this dog find its new best friend by giving it to babies 18 months old and above.
Why Wooden Toys are Appropriate for Babies?

As babies constantly put objects in their mouth, wooden toys are more advisable as presents for babies since they are made from safer materials unlike plastic ones. Plus, wood is naturally anti-bacterial because bacteria cannot grow on it. Aside from these, wooden toys are more durable than their plastic or metal counterparts. With proper care, it is possible to make these toys last a child's entire childhood and maybe even hand them down to the next children.
This wooden toy is suitable for the infancy stage because of its design. But it also provides a lot of opportunities for creativity and various play scenarios that babies and children will enjoy and learn from. Natural toys like this baby bell are great in that they keep the child’s interest for a long time.
Why Entrust your Presents for Babies Needs to Everything But Flowers?

Everything but flowers has variety of products that are good presents for babies. When you buy from us, you are confident that your presents for babies will add comfort and bring joy to parents and their babies.
Gift-giving is something that we take seriously. That is why from the time you place your order until it is delivered to your recipient, perfection up to the last detail and meticulous care are exercised. So when your recipient receives your gift, they will instantly know how much you care. Go ahead and place your orders today!