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This Anna Gare classic holds any 23cm cake - or other product in a dish securely while the heart-shaped scrolls show your presentation to perfection. What a lovely way to show your love to anyone who adores cooking. Everything But Flowers has over 1,000 gifts to choose from. All orders over $99 are delivered free Australia-wide.

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 Anna Gare ‘Hearts’ Cake Stand

For the woman in your life that enjoys messing around in the kitchen, the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand is perfect as presents for her. This Hearts Cake Stand is part of Anna Gare’s fun and stylish kitchenware collection. Anna Gare, one of Australia’s most talked about TV chefs, reflects her love for food and adventure through her collection of kitchenware.

Including this Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand, all her kitchenware are of high quality and elegance. For all the mum’s out there who like to bake, or simply enjoy eating cake, presents for her like this Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand is the practical choice! It can hold cakes and other desserts that are up to 23 cm wide. And with its cool retro design, the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand is sure to liven up your kitchen.

Elegantly Display Your Cakes

Give a cake lover a chance to elegantly display her cakes with the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand. Presents for her like this are perfect for someone who makes her own desserts at home, and want to add more flair to her presentation. You usually find cake stands in stores and cafes, or when there’s a big event. But there doesn’t need to be a special occasion to bring out a cake stand as gorgeous as the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand. This cake stand is the perfect kitchen accessory that can liven up your counter tops. Impress friends and family with this cake stand’s charm and character. Get everybody excited for dessert by presenting it on the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand.

Retro Designed Kitchenware as Charming Presents for Her

Anna Gare’s range of kitchenware possesses quirky retro designs that transcend the time and trends. The classic design of the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand will surely have lasting appeal, and will be found on counter tops for years to come. Its soft cream colour is pleasing to the eye and will not clash with any other kitchenware. The soft curved lines from the hearts make the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand feminine and elegant. This femininity and elegance is sure to appeal to women, making this perfect as presents for her. Having the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand and its retro design in the kitchen will make it feel like being in a 50’s diner or an old-school kitchen out in the country.

Cake Stands are Not Just for Cakes

Contrary to what it is called, cake stands can hold much more than just cakes. It can hold tons of other desserts as well, such as cupcakes, muffins and pies. You can even serve up other kinds of food, too. But what most may be surprised about is that cake stands can be used for so many other things. Especially a cake stand as beautiful as the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand, you can put this anywhere in your home and not just in the kitchen.

Put this in the living room to display little trinkets and decorations. This may be also put in the bathroom to hold bottled soaps and lotions. Because of its charm and character that does not limit it to just being in one corner of the kitchen, the Anna Gare Hearts Cake Stand as presents for her is sure to put a smile on any woman’s face. Buy one today here at Everything But Flowers.