Acacia Wood Tea Box

Made with Natural Acacia Wood

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This Acacia Wood Tea Box is the perfect place to keep a variety of tea bags. With 6 separate sections, you can divide and organise your tea by type or simply jumble them up! Either way, your tea will be safe, sound, and ready for your next cuppa. The box measures 25 x 18.5 x 9 cm.

The box is polished and simple, making it a lovely addition to your kitchen countertops. It also makes great storage for smaller craft supplies and jewelry. To wash your Acacia Wood Tea Box, hand wash using mild soap and warm water.

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Acacia Wood Tea Box

For the woman who loves drinking tea, there are a handful of options that you can choose from when buying presents for her. Check out this Acacia Wood Tea Box as one of the many pleasant gifts to give her, whether on an ordinary day and more so during special occasions.
Acacia Wood Tea Box Presents for Her

For the tea lover, this tea box made from beautiful solid Acacia Wood is just perfect. Acacia wood is known for its rich, dark colours, and contrasting yet beautiful patterns, which are evident in this tea box. When exposed in different lighting conditions, the wood tends to change its colour and lustre, a characteristic of Acacia wood called chatoyancy.
Now, she’ll be able to keep her chamomile and green tea corralled on the kitchen counter with this gorgeous piece of box. Indeed, it is a simple yet elegant way to store her favourite tea bags. It contains six compartments that are just perfect for the size of the tea bags—not too tight or too loose. It also has a polished finish that lends a casual and natural look to her countertop. It also has a sort of vintage lock that adds appeal to it. With its transparent glass cover encased in Acacia wood, guests can easily peek and choose what variety of tea to sip and drink.
Tea Boxes Make Great Presents for Her
It’s not just because she loves tea, the reason why you should give her a tea box. It’s also a way of showing her that you know what she wants. It’s a thoughtful way of telling her that you give importance to the things that she cares about. And if she cares about tea and having tea parties, then you should invest in tea essentials to bring that bright smile on her face. If she has plenty of tea boxes already, she can transform it to store her jewellery or small craft supplies.
Wooden tea boxes are easy to maintain. Simply wash with warm soapy water, then thoroughly rinse, and let air dry.
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