Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray

Tray In Arcacia Wood

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Built out of beautiful and sturdy Acacia wood, this Breakfast in Bed Tray makes the perfect gift for that special someone. Use it all year around to express your love and appreciation by serving your loved one breakfast in bed, complete with their favorite foods and beverages.

The tray measures 32.5 x 49 x 22 cm. So it's the perfect size to hold a plate of waffles dripping in syrup or a fluffy omelette, as well as a glass of fresh-squeezed juice, hot coffee or tea! And when not in use, the legs fold up flat against the tray for easy storage.

Sure to please, this elegant Breakfast in Bed Tray makes a great present throughout the year, appropriate for occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas.

But don't worry if there are no holidays on the horizon. The receiver would appreciate this Acacia tray any time of year. And if you really want to impress, pair it with some gourmet food, wine, or chocolate, then use our premium gift-wrapping service.

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What Mothers Day gift ideas go great with a side of breakfast in bed?

Breakfast in bed is a simple pleasure. Its a fact: being tucked beneath a warm duvet, comfortable and relaxed, just makes food taste better. But without a sturdy and elegant bed tray, eating any meal in bed is more stressful than it is pleasurable. Next thing you know, there are scrambled eggs on your comforter or jam on the floor!

Forget all that mess and the trouble. This lovely, Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray is just what your mum needs to sit comfortably in bed and eat her Mothers Day breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Though a home-cooked Mothers Day breakfast in bed is the best, our this breakfast tray is a gift that keeps on giving. Go ahead and put this on your list of Mothers Day gift ideas, because its a winner!

Does your mother love Acacia wood?

Native to tropical and subtropical climates, including Australias gorgeous north coast, Acacia trees are used in the production of hardwood flooring, furniture, and home accessories. The strength and variety of colours make this wood highly sought after by artisans, homeowners, and carpenters all over the world.

Acacia also comes in a diverse variety of grain patterns. So each Acacia item is a unique work of art, as interesting and beautiful as your mum. This breakfast tray is no exception! With a finely finished, deep tone, this tray will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Items made with Acacia are also great Mothers Day gift ideas for environmentally-conscious mums and gift-givers. Why? Acacia wood is a fast-growing tree. This limits environmental damage, including pollution and habitat destruction. And because Acacia is native to Australia, its also a good choice if you want to limit the environmental cost of transportation.

Why should you gift this beautiful Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray?

Acacia is incredibly durable, both inside the house and out. This breakfast tray can withstand any breakfast in bed, however messy or big. This tray can also handle a wide variety of non-breakfast activities! If your mum loves to colour, its the perfect size for a colouring book and set of pencils. Just imagine how many uses your mum could find for our beautiful Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray!

When the tray isnt in use, storage is as easy as pie. Simply fold the legs into the tray and slide it out of the way until later use. So not only is this tray useful, it takes up very little room in storage.

This Mothers Day, give your mum something shell cherish and use. Bring all your Mothers Day gift ideas to Everything But Flowers to find the perfect present. With our premium gift-wrapping service, were happy to wrap the Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray for any special occasion!