360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses

Step Inside & See The World Like Never Before

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There truly are some gifts that are unforgettable, and the Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses are just that. Like magic, the wearer of the headsets will be transported to places they’ve never imaged, and in the amazing world of 3D virtual reality; they’ll feel like they are right there, immersed in another place and time while never leaving home.

The Discovery Channel VR Glasses are one of this year’s hottest Christmas gifts and replicate the sounds, the sight and the feeling of a range of amazing experiences. Whether they want to swim with sea creatures and bull sharks, perhaps they’d like to go trekking in Peru, or for the wild ones, go running with the bulls in Pamplona; they can do it all!

These fun virtual reality headsets work alongside a user’s smart phone either an iPhone or Android device will work when used in conjunction with the app that’s downloadable from either the app store or Google Play store. Virtual reality clips, documentaries and shows from Discovery Channel will take wearers on a worldwide adventure.


Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Want Tips For Christmas Gifts For Boys?

It can sometimes seem that kids these days have everything they need, but that's not true for all kids. Many have phones, all sorts of gadgets and gaming consoles, but these cost the parents hundreds of dollars, so there's often not much money left for everything else they want. And you may have noticed that kids want a lot! And who can blame them, there's so much fun stuff in the world. Don't fret if you've got to buy Christmas gifts for boys – you'll find some fantastic Xmas presents on the Everything But Flowers online store.

If you look under the Kids section, you'll see the presents arranged in age groups to make your search easier. You'll find humorous books, colouring books, paints, brushes, books about Space, nature, aand scientific kits where kids can create their own experiments. We also have Christmas gifts for boys that are for display only, or unusual pencil cases, retro items and puppet kits. Whew. And more!

How Do I Know What Boys Will Like?

Since buying the right Xmas present has never, and never will be an exact science, you can ask the parents, because children are great at telling their parents what Christmas gifts for kids they'd love. That's a really good start, because at least you know what Xmas presents boys will love (as long as you can afford them!). Otherwise, if you're guessing because the parents don't know, you'll see truly great Christmas gifts for boys on our site.

You may find that some gifts just stand out as fun. If you know the kid, you may have some idea as to whether he's an outdoors type, or loves science, or maybe enjoys books. Having an idea of what area he's interested in will make buying our Christmas gifts for kids easier.

We have a Immerse Virtual Reality Headset that's not only an awesome Christmas gift for boys, but for all the family, no matter what age. This virtual reality headset is one of the hottest Christmas gifts for boys and all the family this year. It's the latest technology to make quantum leaps in the quality of the experience.

People will be truly amazed when they put the virtual reality headset on and find themselves viewing another 3D world. This is the future, right here, and you can be giving these as your Christmas gifts for boys – show them how you know the latest, state-of-the-art entertainment gear!

I Need Tips For Xmas Gifts For Young Boys

When they're past being toddlers and can now speak, young boys become insatiably curious. They really want to learn about the world. They're often over the moon with any Christmas gifts for boys – just seeing the wrapped-up present can send them into a frenzy of excitement!

Our Christmas presents for young boys range from cuddly plush toys, which are hard to grow out of when it comes to cuddling at bed time, to science projects. We make sure our Christmas gifts for boys of all ages are fun, educational and look amazing, so when you give them, you're giving something that looks like a special gift.