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All women love a new piece of jewellery and at Everything But Flowers we have a large range of bracelets and more to help you accessorise that new outfit. Our bracelets come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and colours so there is something for everyone. 

Not Sure What To Buy For a Woman? Try Our Bracelets Collection!

Many men find it difficult to choose gifts for women. Personal preference is something that determines your choice of gift, but you can also go with some universal truths when you are looking for gifts for women. One universal truth is that many women like jewellery. Our selection of bracelets can therefore be considered as a great gifts for women category!

What Bracelet Should I Buy?

Once you have chosen bracelets as your optimal gifts for women choice, one part of your problem is over. However, once you have looked at the bracelets category, you will notice that there are many to choose from. Fortunately, we have some golden tips when it comes down to jewellery gifts for women, so let us give you some pointers on how to make your decision. 

First of all, choosing a bracelet is a lot easier than you might think. The first rule is never to go for gold if you do not really know the preference of the recipient. Truth of the matter is that not every women likes to wear gold, so only go for gold if you have seen the recipient wear something in gold before or if you know for a fact they prefer gold for their jewellery.

The safest choice in bracelet material is silver. Silver has neutral look and can be worn with many types of clothing, whether someone prefers to dress conservatively or edgy. If you are buying for someone that dresses conservatively, you should opt for a simple design without much extras. On the other hand, if you are buying for someone that likes their jewellery special, you can be somewhat creative.

Can I Buy Additional Jewellery From Everything But Flowers?

In addition to bracelets, you can also purchase rings and necklaces from Everything but Flowers. Each of these categories is very diverse, so you will find plenty of choice, even for women who have a very unique style.

The rules we mentioned in the bracelets section also apply to other types of jewellery. For example, it is not a good idea to buy a coloured necklace for someone who dresses conservatively. For conservative people, you are better off with a basic black, pearl or silver necklace. Of course, there are plenty of colourful choices as well. If you are looking to buy for someone who likes plenty of colour in their life, you cannot go wrong with one of our Nina Necklaces or Sonrisa Necklaces.

If you are really stuck and do not know what kind of jewellery to buy, then you can still choose one of our vouchers instead. Customers can order one of our vouchers to gift to the recipient. The recipient can then choose a fitting piece of jewellery themselves. That way you can never go wrong!

Can I Contact You For Jewellery Advice?

Would you prefer to get some input from our team of gift experts? For all jewellery related information or advice, please call Everything but Flowers at 1300-459-452 or email your question to