'Colour Yourself Calm' Adult Colouring Book

Hardback - Artwork By Paul Heussenstamm

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This beautiful activity book is the perfect gift for anyone looking to express their creativity and practice their mindfulness. Colour the stresses of the day away.

Original Mandalas by artist Paul Heussenstamm. 'Paul's mandalas carry a presence that can heal' Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now

Text by Tiddy Rowan, author of the bestselling Little Book of Mindfulness.

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Christmas Present Ideas that are all about Relaxation

We have all been there. The holidays are fast-approaching, family and friends are rolling in from everywhere, the kids are too excited to sit still, and there is so much cooking, decorating, and preparing to do that we lose ourselves to stress. Whew! Take a deep breath. Sometimes the best Christmas presents are the ones that you give yourself the ones that give you peace of mind in return.

Relaxing Christmas Presents for Book, Wine, and Chocolate Lovers

What do you get the over-stressed adult who has it all? Books, wine, and chocolate, of course! These Christmas presents are a triple threat of the best because they indulge and stimulate several senses at once. These are senses that give people that happy and relaxed feeling, which are two essential emotions when it comes to dealing with the annoyance of having too little time as the holidays draw nearer.

Consider gift-giving some of our best-selling books as your go-to Christmas presents this year. Australias Top 100 Places to Go, Ultimate Bucket List features gorgeous photographs of some of the lushest, yet less-explored, terrains in Australia perfect for would-be travellers who want to escape the stress of the holidays through their imaginations. Pair this great book with a Christmas Bites Xmas Hamper that contains an indulgent combination of well-aged red wine, delicious truffle chocolates, and sugar-dusted cookies.

The Best Christmas Presents to Relax Bakers and Home Cooks

If your loved ones get the most enjoyment out of baking, either for themselves or friends and family, then the best, most relaxing Christmas presents for them would be recipe books, bakeware, and even a hamper or two of tempting cookies, cakes, and chocolates. They might even enjoy something from our retro collection, such as an Anna Gare Cherries Vintage Apron, an Anna Gare Retro Bread Bin, or an Anna Gare Hearts Cookie Stamp Set, which gives bakers the chance to customise their cookies with personalised stamps of love.

Soothing Christmas Presents with Animal Lovers in Mind

Christmas presents can be laugh-out-loud novelties or sentimental treasures, but the latter is the best for animal lovers, as their pets are often their babies. Gift your animal-loving friends and family members with a special Photo Shoot Pet Portrait in Sydney, where they can go to get pictures of the furballs who mean the most to them. Or, snag a Whale Design Frisbee that your gift recipient and their furry pal can play with on a sunny day in the park.

Whether you are the over-stressed Christmas planner, or know someone who is, our collection of relaxing Christmas presents are guaranteed to bring a soothed smile to your face. We have something for everyone from those who want to get in touch with their inner child with relaxing arts and crafts, to those who prefer baking to unwind their minds, to those who yearn for a good book and a glass of wine to soothe their nerves, or even the adults who love a good drinking game when the holidays get too tough.