Pet Treat Canister, medium

Canister for pet treats

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Store your pet treats in this medium canister, which comes in a cylindrical shape with a fascinating exterior design. Small animal footprints embellish its properly labelled exterior, while a well-fit cover tops it off with a fascinating shine. Its securely enclosed interior keeps your dogs rawhide bones and varied pet cookie recipes handy and long lasting.

This medium canister enlivens your kitchen as a delightful shelf accent. Measuring 14 cm in diameter and 17.5 cm in height, this stylish pop top easily blends with other existing kitchen decors. You can wrap this as a present for pet lovers on any suitable occasion.

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Celebrating your poochs birthday?

Just because your pooch isnt a human doesnt mean it isnt fun to dress him or her in a party hat and celebrate their birthday. After all, dogs are mans (and womans) best friend. But how do you throw a birthday party for a pup? Well, just about the same way you plan a birthday party for a human: with delicious treats, some games, and just the right amount of birthday presents!

But why would you celebrate your dogs birthday? Your dog is there for you at the end of the day. Sure your dog might sometimes chew up your favourite shoes or shred an important piece of paper, but you love your dog anyway. It may seem cheesy, but celebrating the years youve spent together is a wonderful way to remember why you love coming home to see his or her sweet face. So check out our birthday presents range for pets!

Ready to get active with your pup?

How would you like spending your birthday stuck indoors? You wouldnt! Well neither does your dog. So for the pooch who just cant get enough of the beach, trail, or dog park, plan an hour or two to take them out.

Great birthday gifts for an active dog include frisbees and stuffed animals. If he or she is a chewer, perhaps invest in two or three frisbees. Keep the extra hidden as your pup enjoys the first one. Then when that frisbee bites the dust, youll be ready to throw another one his or her way!

Plan the snacks!

To celebrate a dogs birthday properly, you absolutely cannot forget the special treats. Build a small cake out of wet dog or cat food. You could also make some peanut butter and banana canine cookies in your own kitchen, then stash them in a brand new treat canister, part of out birthday presents range.

You could also serve up your dogs favourite meal, like homemade chicken breast, eggs, or simply some of the cats food. Liven up your dogs meal with some more birthday gifts, like a new bowl and a new canine placemat. Not only will the placemat help protect the floor from spills, it will add some style to your pets dishes.

Hit the road!

What dog doesnt love a ride in the car? Well, what dog doesnt love a good car ride that doesnt end with a visit to the vet? Give your dog comfortable and fashionable car interior protector as one of his birthday gifts, then load up you excited puppy and get going! Take them to the beach for a swim, the trails for a birthday hike, or just for a nice drive. No matter where you go, theyll be riding in style.

Why not get a keepsake?

Though this is your dogs birthday, feel free to give yourself some birthday presents in his or her honour, like a photo shoot with your pet! Also the pet may not be your own, celebrating a friends pets birthday is just as fun. Part of out wide range of birthday presents is the Dog About Town book, a brilliant pet owners guide to owning a pooch in the big smoke.