Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament

Cute Woodland Joy With A Soft Night Glow

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Our favourite birthday presents are funky and fun, and Nutty the Squirrel is high on that list. This gorgeous white squirrel is clutching his acorn and waiting delightfully to spread his warm LED glow around the room.

Measuring 10.5cm x 15cm, this ornament offers energy efficient, long lasting LED lights, and the white colour will match any décor to bring some of the wonder of woodland adventures inside. Nutty The Squirrel will have everyone delighted whether he’s sitting on the bedside table or mantle. Take advantage of our gift wrapping service and free personalised gift cards and we’ll make sure the perfect gift is delivered safely to the door.

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Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament

Do you remember when you were still a child and your parents would always scare you of the monsters that live under your bed? The feeling of not being able to close your eyes thinking that someone or something might attack you is not uncommon to a lot of kids. There are different ways children do to cope with this feeling of fear. One of the most common strategies done to be able to get a good night sleep is to have a night light on their bedside table. If you have a kid whose birthday is about to happen in a few days, why not give him presents for kids that will help him or her sleep better at night? Here in Everything But Flowers, we have a great night light that you can give as presents for kids who fear the monsters beneath their beds: the Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament.

What is the Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament?

Kids love animals. They treat animals with loving care as if they are just like any other person that matters to them. Nutty the squirrel represents the animals children have come to love as it brings the woodland inside the home. The Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament may be placed on the kid’s bedside table or at the living room. This adorable white squirrel which carries its acorn is guaranteed to bring smiles to anyone who sees it as it spreads warmth and light across the room. Its dimensions are 10.5cm in width and 15cm by height.
Presents for kids like the Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament is worth every cent you pay for because they are efficient when it comes to energy consumption and are guaranteed to be long lasting. Its white colour can complement any theme or decoration of the room where it is placed as it injects a touch of nature into the room.

How do Presents for Kids like the Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament Help Tots Have Better Sleep?

All kids - no matter how old or young they are, may it be a newborn or a toddler - always have a sense of fear in their hearts every time they are inside a pitch dark room. To feel safe and secure is part of the minimum criteria for a kid to sleep.
A night light will help the kid achieve this feeling of security. The intensity of the light should only be minimal. Ideally the dim light should be maintained all throughout the night in a way that it will not disturb the child while he sleeps. Having a night light that shines too brightly may startle the child and wake him up in the middle of the night. Once their eyes catch the light, this may send signals to the body to wake up. This will make it more difficult for them to go back to sleep. The light provided by the Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament has just the right quality to ensure that your child will have a complete and comfortable sleep in preparation for the next day. 

Why is it Important for a Child to have a Good Night Sleep?

The normal child usually has a busy day ahead of him. Several activities are in store for them such as going to school, making sure that his pets are taken care of, playing around with his friends, attending practices in sports and most importantly, doing his homework. At the end of the day, the child’s body will need a break. Sleeping gives the body a chance to recuperate in preparation for the next day.
All living things need to sleep in order to survive. Even animals do so. Scientists assume that the brain sorts out information, replenishes chemicals, and resolves problems in the body while you are asleep. Kids that are between 5 and 12 years old usually get 9.5 hours of sleep every night; however, experts say that 10 to 11 hours is usually needed depending on the body make-up of a child.
When the body does not get the sufficient number of hours of rest that it requires, the child may feel tired or irritable during the day. They may also find it hard to think clearly at school, follow directions, or may possibly get into fights over shallow reasons. A school requirement that is ridiculously simple may turn out to be difficult for them. Having not enough sleep may also hinder the growth of the child. Researchers believe that failing to meet the minimum requirement for sleep will have an effect on the growth and weaken the immune system of a child which is hugely responsible for preventing illness. As a result, there should be tools to help the child get to sleep easier at night, making presents for kids like the Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament an absolutely wise choice.

Order Great Presents for Kids from Everything But Flowers

If you are a parent or guardian, then you are well aware that you are responsible for making sure that a child is able to get what he needs in order to be healthy and achieve his maximum potential. The presents for kids that we choose should be able to help fulfil this responsibility.
Presents for kids like the Nutty Squirrel Led Ornament will make sure that they achieve the number of hours of sleep they need for growth. Aside from this great item, Everything But Flowers has a lot of other items that you can choose from to give as presents for kids.
Shopping in our store has never been so much easier. You can just go to our website to view the list of great presents for kids that we have to offer for you. Once you have made your choice, you can have the presents for kids personally gift-wrapped together with a nice gift tag to go with it. This can also be delivered directly to the recipient’s address for free to all destinations all over the country. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for the most ideal presents for kids and have them delivered straight to your lucky recipient!