Frenchy Dog Ornament

A Beautiful Handmade French Bulldog

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Frenchy the Bulldog is a great addition to any home with his cheeky grin and pointy ears able to make anyone smile! Hand crafted from resin and measures 9 cm x 16.5 cm. He is the perfect addition to any dog lovers home with its simplistic design that is elegant and is sure to turn heads when placed on a mantle piece of the centrepiece of a dining table.

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Versatile birthday gifts that cross all age groups

We have over 1,000 gifts at Everything But Flowers, many of which appeal across the generations. Certain birthday gifts have an appeal that brings back fond childlike feelings for adults, yet are suitable for children too; others are designed for adults, but teenagers and younger children also enjoy them.

Charming birthday gifts that are ageless

Our LED night lights are delightful friends that can be kept on all night, or put on if nature calls in the middle of the night! Frenchy Dog is an adorable bulldog who's hand-crafted from resin. These are suitable birthday gifts for dog lovers of all ages, and even birthday gifts for babies if they like a little light to sleep peacefully. We have the same night lights in the shape of two other animals Nutty Squirrel and Loppy the Rabbit. Ageless and adorable birthday gifts!

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You won't want to give scented candles as birthday gifts to young children, however teenagers and adults will appreciate our luscious candles that come in beautifully designed ceramic pots. The flame is deep inside the stylish pots, so they're safe to leave on a cupboard or mantelpiece. We've also a range of beautiful photo frames that are great birthday gifts for all ages. Bookworms will love our gorgeous bookends that make really desirable birthday gifts.

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People love to play at all ages. Toddlers get to play most of the time; as adults we limit ourselves but the desire is still there and laughter is extremely good for us. The 'best medicine' in fact! We have fun birthday gifts like a condiment dispenser shaped like ray gun that's great for barbecues and dinners.

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