Waterford Crystal Old Fashioned Tumbler Pair

Elegant Waterford Crystal Tumblers

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All drinks taste better in Waterford Crystal and as the worlds most renowned crystal brand, Waterford Crystal makes a stunning gift for all occasions. The Lismore Tumblers feature a charming old fashioned design reminiscent of days gone by with a 9oz capacity thats perfect for everything from whiskey to water.

Presented in a sturdy lime green cylinder with glorious gold lettering stating Trust me, everything tastes better in these. The perfect gift for Fathers Day, Mothers Day or even Christmas, the Lismore pair of glasses from Waterford will delight.

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Sip from these fine Waterford Crystal Lismore Old Fashioned Tumblers.

Waterford Crystal is a timeless gift. The classic designs never lose their brilliance or their timeless style. These Lismore Old Fashioned Tumblers are a fine example of the craftsmanship the world has come to expect from Waterford Crystal.

In this set, you’ll discover two, hand-cut crystal tumblers. Each glass measures 3.2 x 3.2. X 3.3cm and can hold up to 9oz. It’s the perfect size for a nightcap or a finger or two of whiskey. As the vibrant, lime green packaging states, “Trust us, everything tastes better in these.”

The glasses in this set make fantastic gifts for men who enjoy a great-tasting sip of whiskey!

Does everything really taste better in these glasses?

Everything tastes better in Waterford Crystal glasses. It’s true! Crystal resists absorbing the flavours and smells of other beverages. And unlike other types of glass, crystal doesn’t impart a strange flavour to the drink it’s holding. So when you sip from these Lismore Old Fashioned Tumblers, all you’re tasting is your drink. Whiskey tastes pure and untainted. Even simple tap water tastes amazing.

Are these tumblers hand-crafted?

Waterford handcrafts each piece of crystal they manufacture, giving every vase, glass, and figurine a personal touch. From creating the design to making the final cuts, each stage of the process is given the human touch. These Lismore Old Fashioned Tumblers have passed through the hands of many design and crystal artisans, many of whom have trained for many years to perfect their art.

Who is Waterford Crystal?

Waterford Crystal is a world-famous crystal company, established in 1783 in Waterford, Ireland. For centuries, Waterford has produced some the most beautiful pieces of kitchenware and artwork. In the mid-1800s, the company closed. For nearly 100 years, Waterford Crystal produced nothing. Finally, after World War II, two glassmakers worked tirelessly to study and recreate the beauty, elegance, and quality of Waterford designs.

With diligence and dedication, these two glassmakers revived Waterford Crystal into the incredible, world-renowned company it is today. Through their hard work, the original Waterford designs have lived on and have provided a strong foundation on which to build and grow.

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These beautiful Lismore Old Fashioned Tumblers are ideal gifts for dad and gifts for whiskey-lovers. This set comes with two gorgeous glasses, perfect to be given as wedding anniversary present.

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