60 And Proud Of It Book

Embrace Life, Reflect, and Celebrate 60!

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Do you have a friend or family member who’s turning 60 soon? If so, we highly recommend this 60 And Proud Of It book. The hardback book is absolutely packed with clever and sage quotes about turning 60 and growing older. These quotes are selected for their humour and their ability to encourage reflection and celebration. Each hand-picked quote is perfect for men and women alike!

The 160-page book is 13.6 x 10.1cm.

Age is just a number, but this book is more than just a book. It’s also a fabulous birthday present! We invite you to personalise this gift by using our great gift-wrapping service and customising a greeting card. Both are available during checkout.

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What makes ’60 And Proud Of It’ a great birthday present?

This hardcover book is a great birthday gift for anyone who is turning 60 years old.  It’s also an excellent gift for many other occasions like Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day for anyone in their 60s or nearing their 60s.

It’s got over a hundred pages of delightfully witty quotes about turning 60 written by world renowned writers, musicians and famous celebrities.  Some quotes will make you laugh, while others will cause you to think and ponder about how you lived your life and how you plan on thriving into your golden years.

Who will appreciate this book as a gift?

’60 And Proud Of It’ is an great gift for any family and friends you may have who are getting along in age, such as your grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles.  It can also be a great birthday present or retirement gift for your co-workers or your boss.  It’s great for some enjoyable light reading that they will also find very inspirational.   Once they open this book they will be pleasantly surprised at the wonderful quotes found inside.  It’s a very thoughtful and well-meaning gift that is appropriate for both men and women alike.

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