50 And Proud Of It Keepsake

Hand-Picked Quotes for a Truly Special Milestone

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We pass through many milestones in life and each is special in its own way. Turning fifty is one such milestone and with this 50 And Proud Of It keepsake, embracing this incredible event is easy and enjoyable. The book is bound in a durable and beautiful hardcover, and features 160 quote-filled pages. These hand-selected, age-related quotes range from witty and clever to enlightened and wise.

Hardback Dimensions: 13.6 x 10.1cm.

For lovely 50th birthday presents, look no further than Everything But Flowers. In fact, look no further than this 50 And Proud Of It keepsake! This gift is sure to inspire and delight the lucky gift recipient.

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Memorable 50th Birthday Presents at Everything but Flowers

50 is a serious milestone that requires good celebration. Therefore, Everything but Flowers would like to recommend some of the most memorable 50th birthday presents to you today. By taking advantage of this overview, you can give your recipient a gift they will always remember.

50 and Proud of It Keepsake

Our first recommendation from our range of 50th birthday presents is the 50 and Proud of It book. This book is an ideal present for a milestone such as a 50th birthday. It contains 160 pages, filled with inspirational quotes, which are also witty and clever. It is a book that could be described as a collector’s item, so be sure to consider it for your recipient!

Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper

Another gift from our collection of 50th birthday presents is the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper. This hamper from our 50th birthday presents range is packed with the most delightful international beers, which are undoubtedly going to deliver an unforgettable birthday party!

The beers inside the Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper are not average brews, they are amongst the most popular and most desired beers in the world! The selection of beers also includes two craft beers made by Belgian and Dutch monasteries, a rare occurrence in today’s world!

Inside the Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper, customers can find La Trappe Blonde, Menabrea Birra, Bitburger, Chimay and Hoegaarden. These beers are also complemented with a fine selection of beer nibbles, which makes this hamper an excellent choice for any beer lover celebrating their 50th!

Eva Solo Whisky Glass

Your recipient might not be fond of beer, but he might be an avid whisky drinker. If this is the case, we can recommend gifting him the Eva Solo Whisky Glass for his birthday. This glass tumbler has a unique design that enhances the flavour of the whisky, but also makes drinking it more comfortable!

Belvedere Vodka 1.75 Litre Illuminated Bottle

Presenting a bottle of alcohol for a 50th birthday is always a good idea, but what if you could gift a bottle of alcohol that could be used as a decoration when it is empty? If this sounds like a good idea, the Belvedere Vodka 1.75 Litre Illuminated Bottle will be the perfect present for your recipient!

The Belvedere Vodka 1.75 Litre Illuminated Bottle contains some of the world’s finest vodka. The vodka is made from small batches of spring water and renowned Dankowskie Gold Rye. The unique distillation process also contributes to the success of this vodka, providing a smooth yet flavoursome vodka savoured by many!

When the Belvedere Vodka is empty, then there is no need to get rid of the bottle. This bottle illuminates, so it can be added to the kitchen or living room as a nice decoration and a keepsake of the recipient’s 50th birthday.

Beef Carving Block

Everyone who likes to cook a roast from time to time will appreciate the Beef Carving Block from Everything but Flowers! The Beef Carving Block has a lovely bull design and draws attention to itself in the most delight way. Therefore, this carving block is not only suitable to cut roasts with the utmost precision, it can also be used to serve your roasts and present them to your guests.

Chocolate Walking Tour for 2 in Melbourne

Discovering something new on your 50th is certainly not a bad thing; this is one of the reasons why we recommend the Chocolate Walking Tour for 2 in Melbourne. During this experience, your recipient will encounter the hidden charms of Melbourne, going through the city’s fascinating streets, arcades and lanes. However, your recipient will also try some of the most delicious chocolates Australia can offer!

Karlsson Mr White Wall Clock with Copper Case

For a 50th birthday, you could consider gifting your recipient something to add to their home décor; this could happen with our Karlsson Mr White Wall Clock with Copper Case. The clock is one of our most delightful home décor items, and it is functional too!

The Karlsson Mr White Wall Clock with Copper Case is not just an average clock though, because this classic clock is equipped with silent sweep movement; this means that you cannot hear ticking at all! A true recommendation for anyone who likes their home to be peaceful and quiet!

More Gifts for 50th Birthdays!

The range of gifts for 50th birthday at Everything but Flowers are limitless. We can provide you with everything from physical gifts to experiences, so we urge you to check out main catalogue as well today. After you have seen everything we have to offer, we are sure you are going to find the ultimate 50th birthday present for your recipient. Need some help? Contact our customer support team today!