50th Champagne Flute

Toast to A New Decade

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We think life is more fun at 50; so it's a time to celebrate in style. This gorgeous 50th birthday flute is embellished in shimmers and sweet designs that will add a touch of class to those 50th birthday toasts. Fill this gorgeous glass with bubbly or wine, and party the night away.

A great 50th birthday gift idea, after the party is over, this lovely flute will become a precious keepsake and a much loved toast to all the fun and adventure that life has to offer. Everything But Flowers offers thousands of gift ideas for every occasion with delivery Australia wide.

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Get Some Unique Birthday Present Ideas for a 50th at Everything but Flowers

If your friend or family member has a big milestone coming up, you will need an original birthday present your recipient will never forget. One of our champagne flutes is a good example of that, but there are many other original birthday presents inside our range. To find the best birthday present for your friend or relative, please read the information below!

The Personalised Champagne Flute

A 50th birthday is a genuine milestone, so gifting something luxurious that can be kept throughout the years is certainly necessary. One such birthday present that you can find in our range of gifts is the 50th Champagne Flute, a nice champagne glass with a gorgeous design and the number fifty handcrafted on the glass. 

The unique champagne glass is suitable for both men and women, although women will appreciate this champagne flute more because of its sparkly design. Of course, this champagne flute is also an affordable choice, so if you are shopping for some affordable birthday presents, the 50th Champagne Flute should be on your shortlist.

The Belvedere Vodka Illuminated Bottle

Gifting a bottle of alcohol to your recipient can be a good idea for a 50th birthday, but what if you could gift a bottle of alcohol that stands out from all the rest? If you are looking for an original bottle of alcohol to gift to your recipient for your birthday, we can recommend the Belvedere Vodka Illuminated Bottle.

The Belvedere Vodka Illuminated Bottle contains some of the finest vodka the world can offer. The vodka is made from small batches of artisan spring water and Donkowskie Gold Rye. Belvedere also uses a unique distillation process, which is executed four times, to obtain a smooth and flavoursome vodka unlike any other vodka available today. 

Of course, the Belvedere Vodka is made extra special by its illuminating qualities. So, as soon as your recipient has finished this bottle, they do not have to throw it away, since they can keep it and add it to their home as a nice decoration.

The Cartwright & Butler Elloughton Hamper

Gifting an individual present is fine for most birthdays, but a collection of gourmet products is probably more suitable for a milestone like a 50th birthday. If you are looking for such a collection of gourmet products, our Cartwright & Butler Elloughton Hamper is a true recommendation. Inside this hamper, you will find everything you need for afternoon tea, as well as some snacks that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

The Cartwright & Butler Elloughton Hamper is filled with some delightful treats, because all the products are obtained from Cartwright & Butler. Cartwright & Butler is a British brand founded in 1981. The company focusses on the creation of fresh festive foods, Christmas hampers and so much more. So, if you get the chance to gift one of these hampers to your recipient, be sure to take advantage of it, because the flavours and tastes of their gourmet products are amazing.

The Colour Changing Umbrella

Our Colour Changing Umbrella is a great gift for women who are hitting the age of 50. The umbrella is made with hydro chromatic ink, which causes the colour of the umbrella to change as soon as it encounters water. 

The Colour Changing Umbrella is the ideal present for women who have reached that important milestone, but are still more modern than the average 30-year-old. Of course, this umbrella is not only suitable as a birthday present, since it is also a popular choice during the holiday season.

The Columbus Black & Gold Globe

Is your recipient someone who has travelled the world? Or someone who takes great pride in their home? Then you may want to consider the Columbus Black & Gold Globe as a birthday gift. 

The Columbus Black & Gold Globe features some copper and gold tones, which is bound to add a lot of class and elegance to any home. The globe can be added to many rooms in the house, but looks best in the study or on the mantelpiece. 

The Eva Solo Whisky Glass

Do you need a gift for a recipient who loves a good glass of quality whisky? Want to gift something that your recipient will be able to enjoy for a long time to come, but don’t want to gift a bottle of whisky? Then, we can recommend the Eva Solo Whisky Glass.

Our Eva Solo Whisky Glass has a capacity of 270 millilitres and is a genuine dream for most whisky drinkers. The glass has a thin rim that slightly edges forwards; this to ensure that the glass is comfortable to drink from. The design of the glass also makes it easier to enjoy the unique aroma of your recipient’s favourite whiskies.

The Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch

If you want to gift a female recipient the ultimate gift, you will need to gift them the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch. This clutch from our range of birthday gifts has a beautiful and radiant cream colour, which reminds many people of a nice champagne or a good glass of wine. Therefore, this clutch is the perfect accessory for a formal night out.

In addition to this clutch from the Louenhide brand, Everything but Flowers still has more designer items in its range; this includes more clutches and other products from the Louenhide brand. If you would like to purchase some additional items for your recipient, be sure to browse our entire range to make the best decision.

More Amazing 50th Birthday Gifts

The birthday gifts mentioned above are just some of your options when you shop at Everything but Flowers. If you require more options, be sure to have a look at our entire range of 50th birthday presents. We also provide some unique birthday experiences, which will give your recipient the surprise of a lifetime.

Do you need more help deciding on a birthday gift? Feel free to contact our team of experts and get some advice on birthday gifts!