21st birthday gift ideas for men and women

Searching for 21st birthday presents can be quite the task, especially when you are not that familiar with the likes and dislikes of the recipient in question. Fortunately you can count on the 21st birthday presents selection of Everything But Flowers, so you will be able to find something easily!

What Would You Recommend?

There are loads of 21st birthday presents in our range that will be suited for any birthday party. First of all there are our novelty gifts, which will be appreciated by everyone, no matter what their likes and dislikes are.

One of the 21st birthday presents from the novelty category is our game of beer pong. In this gift you will find a total of 12 cups and 2 plastic balls. During the game you need to fill up the plastic cups with all kinds of alcoholic beverages and then try to bounce one of the balls into the cups. When you successfully bounce a ball into one of the cups, you need to drink whatever it contains. Not only is this a great gift for a birthday, it is also a fun party game.

In our range with 21st birthday presents you will also find some luxurious gifts. A good luxurious gift from our presents range is the premium red wine gift pack, which contains a gorgeous Australian 2011 Shiraz and a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon. The gift pack also comes in a gift box, so you do not have to do any wrapping at all!

Can Someone Help Me Pick Out A Gift?

Our team is always ready to help out. When you really have no idea what to get someone, then you can always count on our team of experts to provide you with some advice. In addition to that, you can also choose to acquire one of the Everything But Flowers gift vouchers.

No matter the budget you are on, you are bound to find a gift voucher that matches your budget. Our range of gift vouchers starts at $50 and goes up to $500, so there is something for every budget.

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Need Help Picking Out A 21st Birthday Present?

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