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Because Pets Enjoy Great Style too

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Your pet is your family. They’re there for you when you need them and sometimes they kind of annoy you, like your human family members. But you want to treat your cat or dog well, feeding it the food it likes, and making sure it has everything it needs.​

This stylish, medium-sized, cat or dog bowl is just what your pet needs to eat his or her healthy meal. It’s yellow with a black, grey, and yellow triangle design on the sides. At the bottom of the bowl, inside a grey circle, you read ‘all gone’, letting you know when your pet’s dish is empty. You can even flip the bowl over, slowing down your dog’s meal by making him work a little harder for it. The bowl measures 17 x 5 cm.

This fashionable bowl is a great gift for cat and dog owners with small or medium-sized pets. We recommend pairing this bowl with this Canine Placemat, the colours match the bowl’s colours. And if you need a water bowl, just get two of this bowl! If you travel a lot with your cat or dog, we suggest also grabbing an E-Pet Car Interior Protector.

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Presents for Pets and Pet Lovers

Go on! You know you want to spoil your absolute favourite family member! Who says you can’t give your pet gifts? Certainly not us. We’re animal lovers at Everything But Flowers, and we know how important the family pet is. This high quality and super cute medium sized pet bowl suits both cats and dogs, and makes a great gift for pets or for a pet owner.

The All Gone Pet Bowl not only looks great, but it’s good for your pet. Reversible pet bowls help keep your pet healthy. If your dog is a big old greedy guts and tends to wolf down its food, just flip this dog bowl over. The thinner bowl area slows your dog’s eating. Eating more slowly reduces your dog’s air intake, which decreases the chances of indigestion and vomiting.

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. We know that. But buying awesome gifts for pets is a lot of fun! Even if you are a devoted animal lover, you don’t want to be spending a fortune on pet gifts. Getting your animal companion the best pet product and pet accessories is simple. Assuming you’ve got an endless supply of pats and hugs, there’s only a few extra things every cat or dog needs to be happy and healthy.

Essential Accessories and Gifts for Pets

Pet Bed – Your pet needs a comfortable and safe place to sleep. If you are going to buy a pet gift, a comfy bed is a great place to start. Pet beds with removable, washable covers make is easy to care for your pet.

Food and Water Bowls – Your pet needs an easy-clean, durable food bowl. It helps if it looks good, too. A stylish, quality pet bowl, like the All Gone Pet Bowl is a great choice for a pet gift. The stable base means it’s ideal as a water bowl and the reversible design helps to develop healthy eating habits. A placemat beneath the bowl also helps to keep your pet’s meal area clean.

Leash and collar – Your pet is an individual and their collar should reflect that. Collars make great gifts for pets. If you have a dog, then a strong walking harness is essential. But your dog or cat deserves a stylish collar too! Jazzy collars make a really fun gift for dogs and cats.

Pet Toys – There’s a huge range of toys that you can buy as a gift for a pet. Tug toys and balls make great pet gifts, but you can’t always be there to play with your pet. Hiding a stash of toys, or mixing it up with different toys can prevent boredom. If you want a toy or a gift for a pet to entertain them while you are not there, then chew toys or feed toys that can be filled with dog treats make a great dog gift.

Gifts for Pet Owners and Animal Lovers

Are you looking for a birthday gift or Christmas present for a hard-to-buy-for friend? Are they a pet owner? Pet owners and animal lovers are actually super easy to buy for. A gift for their pet is guaranteed to please. Feed bowls as a pet gift might sound boring. You certainly can’t give a daggy old plastic bowl as a pet gift! But this super stylish, durable, fun, reversible pet bowl is sure to impress both pet owner and pampered pet.