'Mug Cakes: The Original' Recipe Book

The Original Hardback, By Lene Knudsen

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Cupcakes are so last year. They take too much time and its difficult to bake one at a time. You may be asking, why would you want to bake one at a time? Well, what if you just want to make one little treat to soothe your sweet tooth? Or what if you live alone? There are a million scenarios in which it would be appropriate to make just one cupcake.

Lena Knudsens Mug Cakes Recipe Book, the original hardback, provides the reader with everything they need to whip up individual mug cakes in your microwave. Making mug cakes couldnt be simpler: mix the batter in the mug, microwave for 5 minutes, then enjoy! And with over 30 recipes to choose from, youll never grow tired of this book. 

For a quick fix, cupcakes or whole cakes just take too long to make. And perhaps you dont have enough ingredients for a whole cake. If youre looking for a quick, easy way to soothe your sweet tooth, look no further than Mug Cakes, a recipe book filled with great recipes.

This recipe book makes a great gift for college students, Mothers Day, or housewarming party. And if theyre going to be making mug cakes, they might also need some mugs! The Casa Unos Glazed Ceramic Mugs will be perfect for all those delicious mug cakes.

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When did we begin celebrating birthdays?

Believe it or not, birthdays havent always been widely celebrated. Its true! If a birthday was celebrated, it was usually for a king, queen, or otherwise important figure. For example, the first recorded birthday celebration is from 3000 B.C.E., when a Pharaoh's birthday was mentioned in the Bible.

Later on, Romans began celebrating birthdays, but just for men. Then in the 12th century, the Romans also began celebrating womens birthdays. Over time, birthday celebrations and the giving of birthday presents became common throughout many parts of the world.

Who came up with the birthday cake?

As birthday celebrations spread, traditions were made, changed, and celebrated. One such tradition is the birthday cake, variations of which can be found all over the world. But who were the first to create what we now know as the delicious birthday treat? The Germans, of course. In the 18th century, Germans began celebrated Kinderfeste, a birthday celebration for children.

During these parties a cake would be presented, on top of which candles would be placed, lit, and blown out. The number of candles equaled the number of years the child had been alive, plus one to wish the birthday boy or girl another year of life.

Though the cake appeared in the 18th century, until the industrial revolution, sweet birthday cakes were only available to families with money, as the ingredients required to make the cakes were expensive, luxury items.

When did we start giving birthday presents?

There are many theories as to when birthday presents became a part of birthday celebrations. Of course gifts have been given throughout time for various reasons: to woo a potential mate, to celebrate a holiday, or to celebrate a wedding.

But birthdays werent always celebrated by giving or receiving birthday presents. Often, the birthday boy or girl would simply have a special meal or dessert, and celebrate the day with their family. Again, nobility and families who could afford gifts may have been more inclined to do so.

One theory is that people believed that a person became vulnerable or more vulnerable to attacks on their birthday. So to wish them good luck and to ward off evil spirits, friends and family would bring gifts and small birthday presents to a gathering. People would celebrate together, create a ruckus, and try to scare away the evil spirits together. The use of noise makers during birthday parties is also thought to originate at these celebrations.

So how will you celebrate your next birthday?

Your family may have their own traditions, but your birthday celebration will most likely include some type of sweet treat, birthday presents, and a little bit of a ruckus. Enjoy it! After all, your birthday party has been centuries in the making!