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Instead of playing music from a smartphone or computer, use the Kakkoii Wireless Stereo Speakers to round out the sound and create a wonderful listening experience. These 2 Bluetooth speakers can last up to 5 hours at a maximum volume. The amplifiers comes with a USB charging cable for quick and easy recharging. So in no time at all, the portable speakers will be ready to go!

The Kakkoii Wireless Stereo Speakers are more than just stocking stuffers. These great little amplifiers are a lifestyle. For music-lovers, party-throwers, and college students, Kakkoii Wireless Stereo Speakers are all they need to have a good time.

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A great birthday present for music lovers and gadget junkies!

What makes the Kakkoii Wireless Speakers different from other Bluetooth speakers?

The first thing you’ll notice about these portable wireless speakers is the striking design.  Unlike most Bluetooth speakers that simply look like black rectangular slabs, the Kakkoii WOW PLUS speakers feature bright colours and gentle curves that will blend in nicely with any type of home décor. 

These speakers look great on desks, dining tables and coffee tables next to laptops, or on kitchen counters next to tablets and smartphones.  They can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device and will playback music and videos flawlessly.  These are also perfectly sized for tight spaces in uni dorm rooms or small studio apartments.  With its unique megaphone style shape, they can be easily positioned on its side or sitting vertically on its flat base, depending on the space you have available.  These speakers are also very portable and will easily fit in a bag for some outdoor fun, whether you’re just having a BBQ in the backyard or camping and exploring the great outdoors.

Can I listen to music in stereo wirelessly?

The WOW PLUS speakers come in pairs and allow you to listen to your music in stereo.  Since you can position each speaker independently of the other, you can get great stereo imaging out of these speakers no matter where you are, compared to other portable wireless speakers that have multiple drivers enclosed in a single unit.  Both speakers use proprietary technology so that they can wirelessly pair with one another and will be seen as a single device when pairing with a Bluetooth enabled audio source.

Each speaker can also be used individually, which means you actually get two Bluetooth speakers in one great package.  This makes it an extremely versatile gift that anybody, as well as their friends and family, can get a lot of use out of.

Are these speakers waterproof?

Its silicon rubber construction not only gives it an eye-catching and vibrant colour, but also makes it very durable and very resilient to drops and rough handling.  The WOW PLUS speakers are also splash proof, which means you can take your tunes with you to the bathroom or the beach without having to worry about ruining them if they ever get wet.  However, these speakers aren’t water proof.  You just can’t take them underwater or leave them soaking wet in the rain for long periods of time.

What else can these wireless speakers do?

When paired with a phone, laptop or tablet, each speaker can also act as a speakerphone so you can better hear your conversations and speak more comfortably without having to hold your devices next to your head.  Once paired with a device the Kakkoii WOW PLUS speakers will automatically reconnect whenever it is switched on.

How long do the batteries last?

These speakers can last up to 8 hours when played at maximum volume.  The built-in batteries can be recharged using the included micro USB cable and only takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Are the Kakkoii Wireless Speakers a good gift for teenagers?

If you’re looking for a great birthday or Christmas presents for teenagers, these wireless Bluetooth speakers are a fun gift that will deliver countless hours of entertainment.  These are great additions to any young person’s array of personal gadgets and are perfect for their highly mobile lifestyle.  These are perfect companions for parties, lounging around at home, as well as providing invigorating background music while doing serious work.

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