Cantina Mexican Kitchen Recipe Book

Hardback. Written by Paul Wilson

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The definitive Mexican cookbook by our foremost expert on Latin-American food: Cantina is a feast for the senses, exploring the inventive, fresh recipes and food traditions of a country whose vibrant cuisine has captivated food-lovers all over the world. Not satisfied with taco-kit tacos, celebrity chef Paul Wilson unveils all of the secrets and unearths the hidden gems of culinary Mexico, with a focus on achievable dishes and bold flavours, in this hip and stylish new package. With 150 deliciously authentic recipes and a killer design that will make you feel like you're hanging in a tacqueria in Mexico City, Cantina is everything you need to bring your new favourite food to your own table. Hardback. Written by Paul Wilson. Published November 2014.

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Recipe Books for Male Chefs A Guide to the Best Birthday Presents

Not everyone loves cooking, but, there are those who find it a highly pleasurable pastime. If you know any men like that (even if they've tried to keep it secret) here are cook book suggestions for their birthday presents.

Birthday Presents For Red Meat Lovers

What better way to start than with Beef Club: A Book for Meat Lovers. Staples like burgers and steak can be transformed into an epicure's delight. Plus, he'll get to create hearty and flavourful meals for the entire family.

Give the book Smoke: New Firewood Cooking for your male chef's birthday present and you'll open up new worlds. Written by a celebrated Texan chef, he reveals the secrets needed to add authentic smoky flavours and aromas in all his barbecue food.

If you add to his birthday gift the amazing BBQ accessory that could have been made for this book the Smoking Platform he'll be able to bring the recipes to life, and will thank you for life too!

What about male chefs who like the simple foods in life?

Here's a great title for their birthday present Food + Beer: Great Food to Eat With Beer. He'll discover over 80 flavour-packed recipes and information about beer he didn't know even existed.

This is sure to be a favourite birthday present for your more traditional male chef. The Food Truck Feasts recipes book. It reveals some of the secrets behind Australia's most famous food trucks, including Gumbo's Kitchen's fried chicken.

For the more adventurous chef

How about some spice for the Seor? The Cantina Mexican Kitchen recipe book by one of Melbourne's culinary masters explores Mexico's rich food culture. Amongst the familiar tacos and tortillas are 150 recipes filled with bold flavour and new discoveries. A great birthday gift for a foodie.

More exotic recipes are brought by the famous chef Rick Stein as he travels through the history of Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey. In his book Rick Stein Venice to Istanbul, he shares over 100 recipes inspired by centuries of tradition and history.

And should the gentleman wish to dine out?

If he wants to assess other chefs and needs a restaurant recommendation, then look no further than the excellent book Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chef's Favourite Restaurants. It's full of entertaining reviews by over 600 of the world's most talented chefs, who list their favourite 3,000 restaurants worldwide. Phew!

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