Product Substitutes

We make every effort to have stock available of all items, however in certain circumstances where an item may not be available, Everything But Flowers reserve the right to substitute those products with a replacement item guaranteed to be equal or greater value than the original item.Please be aware some of the packaging may no longer be available and whilst the product may be the same or similar, it may look different to the photograph on our website.


For photographic purposes some products have been featured with additional props. These props are not included in the gift boxes. Unless an item is listed, it is not included in the hamper.
We are in the process of changing our product photos at present so we urge you to read the substitution policy above and call us if you have any questions or concerns. 1300 30 54 30.

Beer Hampers

Every job significantly well done deserves a celebration somehow. Every now and then, simple “thank yous” and “good job’s” will work. However, sometimes, when fitting, it’s nice to go an extra mile and get them some corporate presents to show your appreciation for them. What tangible thing could possibly suffice, though? It is commonly known that a bottle of beer will always help a person unwind after work. This is why getting beer hampers as corporate presents for your colleagues and employees is a great idea!

Why Beer Hampers Make Great Corporate Presents?

Nothing screams “celebrate” quite like a bottle of alcohol. And nothing screams “grand celebration” like when it comes in a hamper! Beer hampers are sure to make your employees or colleagues feel special on days where they do a great job or simply when it’s their birthday and you want to help them feel appreciated. Drinking a beer with your main mates always makes way for great conversations and memories. It is when you get to make time outside your corporate boundaries to forget everything and just have a great and enjoyable time with each other. Everything But Flowers offers this experience and takes it up a whole new level with their beer hampers, perfect for corporate presents.

What’s Great about Everything But Flowers’ Beer Hampers?

Everything But Flowers delivers various presents across Australia. We have two special beer hampers to offer as corporate presents, namely the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper and the MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper. These hampers carry delectable variations of high-class bottles of beer that would be perfect corporate presents for your colleagues or employees.

The Premium United Beer Hamper contains five bottles of beer and cider. It hold fine beer such as Menabrea Birra Lager (330ml), La Trappe Blond (330ml), Hoegaarden White Beer (330ml), Chimay White Trappist (330ml), and a Bitburger Premium Beer (330ml). Fine beers imported from different countries in Europe.

Taste the finest fruits of breweries in Australia as the MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper contains five 330ml bottles of equally high quality beers such as Burleigh Brewing My Wife’s Bitter, Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale, Murray Craft Brewing Co Angry Man Pale Ale, Bridge Road Brewers Pale Ale, and the Feral Sly Fox Summer Ale.

Joining these fine drinks in their hampers is a sophisticated variety of nibblers that will be perfect to complement the rich taste that the beer gives. These nibblers are accompanied by high class gourmet dips to complete the celebration experience. Your colleague or employee will surely realise how much you appreciate him through these corporate presents. As they celebrate, they won’t have to settle for anything less than the sophisticated goodies that your beer hamper holds. It’s a celebration truly worth remembering.

Where to Get these Awesome Beer Hampers?

Everything But Flowers offers a large variety of great corporate presents. You can get it there and have it delivered to your or your recipient’s doorsteps! Order a beer hamper and save effort and hours that can possibly be wasted since this is the perfect corporate present to say “we appreciate you” with a bang!