Toothless Tiger Knit Toy & Knit Blanket

Sweet, Suave, and Ready to Cuddle!

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Believe it or not, tigers make wonderful naptime companions. Well, okay, not all tigers, but we know this tiger does! The Toothless Tiger Knit Toy & Knit Blanket Set comes with a soft tiger plush, as well as a double-knit blanket. Both items feature a cute colour scheme with blue, orange, and grey details. They’re also fantastically soft, perfect for snuggling with newborn babies!


The toothless tiger plush is 32cm long. He’s made with 100% cotton (outer shell) and 100% polyester (filler). The lovely blanket is also crafted from 100% cotton. It measures 95 x 80cm. These items are both machine-washable.

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