Two Hands to Love You Book

A Beautiful Book For Babies & Toddlers

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Two Hands to Love You is a heartfelt book that uncovers the joy of bringing a new baby home; from feeding baby, rocking and playing with baby and caring for all of baby’s needs from the moment they wake until the moment they fall asleep at night. This wonderful story discovers the intimate joy that having a new family member offers.

With a soothing rhyme written by Diane Adams and beautiful pages illustrated by Paige Keiser, this lovely book measures 20.8cm x 21.3cm with the right blend of sweetness and story that the reader will love sharing with little ones. The perfect book gift for baby showers, Christenings or newborn gifts.

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Birthday Presents and Baby Presents for Babies and Toddlers? Discover Our Top Picks Today!

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find presents for recipients of all ages; this includes birthday presents and baby presents for babies and toddlers. If you require some birthday presents for a child’s first birthday, or need baby presents for a christening or birth, be sure to read on, because we are about to disclose our top picks!

Why Should I Choose Two Hands to Love You?

The Two Hands to Love You book from the baby presents catalogue is the ideal manner to introduce a new baby to the family. For a couple who already have young children, the Two Hands to Love You book can be shared with siblings and is the ultimate bedtime story. Of course, this book from our baby presents catalogue can also be read to the baby once he or she has arrived!

Why Should I Choose the Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket from the Birthday Presents Catalogue?

Our Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Blanket from the birthday presents catalogue is a good gift for a child’s first birthday, even though the blanket can also be gifted to newborns.

The Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket features a contemporary print in pink and grey, making it most suitable for little girls. The blanket also measures 95 cm x 80 cm, so children can still use this delightful blanket when they get a little older.

Since the Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket is made from a combination of cotton and bamboo fibres, customers can expect a blanket with extra softness! The materials used for the blanket are also hypoallergenic, which makes the blanket suitable for children with a more sensitive skin.

Why Should I Choose the Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll?

The Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll could be the ideal first birthday presents for a little boy, because every little boy needs someone to go with him on adventures. Of course, the Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll is the perfect companion, because Pedro likes nothing better than going on adventures!

Tiger Tribe Pedro is handcrafted from head-to-toe, so customers can rely on superior quality. Pedro also measures 38 centimetres in height and does not contain any small parts; this means that Pedro could also be a companion for newborns.

The last thing we should mention is that Pedro is eco-friendly and made under fair-trade principles, which is important for parents who value the fact that baby products are eco-friendly or fair trade. So, if this is a concern for the parents of the baby, be sure to choose the Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag doll, or another Tiger Tribe baby product.

Why Should I Choose the Sunnylife Baby Float Swan?

For children who are going to encounter the pool or the beach soon, we recommend the Sunnylife Baby Float Swan, which makes the transition to the water a little easier. Of course, this float should only be used under the supervision of an adult.

The Sunnylife Baby Float Swan is specifically designed for babies and toddlers, between the age of 8 and 24 months. The float can also take a weight up to 20 kilograms, so this float will not fail easily! Still, punctures can happen with frequent and repeated use, so our team has also included a repair patch!

Why Should I Choose the Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy?

The Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy is an ideal toy for children who still have a little trouble walking, because this little elephant will motivate them to try again! The Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy is also a timeless toy, because this toy has been around for hundreds of years.

Our Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy measures a reasonable 15 cm x 18 cm, which is the perfect size for little toddlers. It also has a 24-cm string attached, which is just the right size for your little one pulling the toy along.

Why Should I Choose Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses?

Finding quality sunglasses for children can be difficult nowadays, but it becomes a lot easier when you have the Sophie the Giraffe collection at your disposal. The Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses are made with shatterproof lenses and meet the Australian standards for sun protection. Of course, these glasses also feature the typical Sophie the Giraffe design!

Where Can I Find More Presents for Babies and Toddlers at Everything but Flowers?

Do you need some additional inspiration for baby presents or birthday presents? Be sure to head over to our main range of baby gifts by clicking on the “baby” category on the main menu. Alternatively, you can contact the Everything but Flowers team via email, telephone or live chat, and get some excellent gift recommendations from our team!