Taj the Panda Plush

Where's The Bamboo Shoots?

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Taj The Panda has travelled the world to Everything But Flowers where she awaits her new childhood friend. From lush forest of Bamboo, right here to Australia, Taj simply loves cuddles and she knows there’s someone special out there to give her lots of them.

Taj The Panda measures 41cm in height and features the most delightful black and white colouration, which she knows makes her stand out from other animals of the world. Her favourite past time is cake decorating which is why she makes the perfect birthday gift for kids, she can’t wait to see what beautiful cake they have!

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The Teddies & Baby Toys from the Everything but Flowers Christening Presents Catalogue?

Everything but Flowers has a beautiful collection of teddies & baby toys that could be used as christening presents. If you are curious about some of the possible christening presents in this range, be sure to read our overview of best christening presents below!

Why Should I Choose Taj the Panda Plush from the Christening Presents Catalogue?

Taj the Panda Plush from the baby presents catalogue could be gifted for the christening of a baby boy or girl, because Taj often become a child’s new best friend. Taj the Panda Plush from our baby presents collection is perfectly safe too, because it is made with young children such as babies and toddlers in mind.

Customers who choose Taj the Panda Plush from the baby presents catalogue give a little boy or a girl a new best friend. Taj loves to eat bamboo, but he also loves to go on countless adventures with his new owner.

Why Should I Choose the Organic Yellow Musical Bird from the Baby Presents Catalogue?

The Organic Yellow Musical Bird from the baby presents catalogue is a popular present for many reasons, because this toy has several special features and is made by an ethical American toy company!

Our Organic Yellow Musical Bird measures 13 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. It is often used by parents to create a perfect environment for their child to get to sleep, because this little bird sings a beautiful song at bedtime. Of course, the bird is also made from organic materials including organic cotton and natural corn fibre filling. Even the cardboard packaging is made from recyclable paper and non-toxic soy ink.

Why Should I Choose Lil Tweet the Pink Toy Available from Everything but Flowers?

Another organic gift available at Everything but Flowers is the Lil Tweet the Pink Toy, which is used to attach to cots, car seats and even prams. When this delightful little toy is bounced, it makes a beautiful tweeting sound that will keep babies entertained for hours.

Like most toys available at Everything but Flowers, Lil Tweet the Pink Toy is completely made from organic and environmentally-sustainable materials. To create this toy, the manufacturer used 100% certified cotton velour, natural corn-starch filler, and other eco-friendly materials.

Why Should I Choose the Snazzy Seahorse Crochet Rattle from Weegoamigo?

In our range of teddies & toys, customers can find many handcrafted options. One of these handcrafted options is the Snazzy Seahorse Crochet Rattle, made by Weegoamigo.

The Snazzy Seahorse Crochet Rattle is made from cotton and polyester, which means parents can easily wash it in the washing machine when needed. The rattle also has a size of 15 centimetres, so it is certainly large enough to keep children entertained!

Why Should I Choose the Peter Rabbit Booties Gift Set Available at Everything but Flowers?

A pair of Peter Rabbit Booties will certainly be appreciated by children, especially since they will encounter Peter Rabbit stories. So, if you want to gift something memorable for a christening or another special occasion, the Peter Rabbit Booties Gift Set is simply perfect!

Of course, the Peter Rabbit Booties are not just any normal baby booties! In the tip of the booties, there is a rattle; this will undoubtedly keep children entertained and comfortable at the same time.

The Peter Rabbit Booties are also designed for newborns, so this gift could be gifted for a birth too. The booties are also presented in a beautiful gift box, so customers do not have to worry about the presentation of this delightful present.

Why Should I Choose the Duck Kids Spoon Available at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, you can find traditional baby gifts, but also a range of original baby presents you will have problems finding anywhere else! One of these original baby presents is the Duck Kids Spoon, which will make mealtimes a whole lot more interesting!

The Duck Kids Spoon is specifically designed for children going through the fussy eating stage, because the overall design of the Duck Kids Spoon makes children more inclined to try new foods. The Duck Kids Spoon is made from durable wood and stainless steel, so this toy is certainly not going to show any signs of wear and tear with frequent use.

Where Can I Find More Teddies & Toys at Everything but Flowers?

Interested in obtaining more teddies & toys from Everything but Flowers? Or do you want to keep your option open before you decide? Customers can find our entire teddies & toys range in the baby catalogue. So, be sure to head over to this category if you want some additional options for a birth, christening, or another milestone occasion.

Do you have a question about our teddies & toys? Feel free to contact Everything but Flowers via email, telephone, or live chat!