Spectrum Knitted Baby Blanket

A gift boxed baby blanket for travel or home.

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For a baby that deserves the best, you’ll love this quality knitted baby blankets from Weegoamigo for your baby gift. This double-layered cotton/bamboo blend knit blanket is great for the cot or stroller, and has the perfect amount of stretch to use as a newborn swaddling blanket. Weegoamigo’s Spectrum print features a bold zig-zag pattern in alternating pastels on a grey background, the ideal blanket if you’re looking for a gender-neutral baby gift.

This Spectrum Weegoamigo baby blanket is 95 x 80 cm. Made from 70% cotton and 30% bamboo rayon fabric, parents will love this versatile, machine washable blanket that’s super soft and gentle on delicate baby skin. Weegoamigo’s range of cotton/bamboo knitted baby blankets are ideal in both summer and winter with a TOG rating of 0.8.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

The Best Birthday Presents for Babies and Toddlers? Uncover Them Today!

Do you need original birthday presents for babies and toddlers? Struggling to choose from our extensive collection of birthday presents? Be sure to read on and discover the recommended birthday presents for babies and toddlers!

What Is the Best Blanket from the Birthday Presents Collection?

A baby blanket from our baby presents range could be a great gift for a first birthday. There are several baby blankets in our baby presents collection that might delight your young recipient, but one of our personal favourites is the Weegoamigo Spectrum Knitted Baby Blanket.

The Weegoamigo Spectrum Knitted Baby Blanket from our baby presents catalogue is made with a combination of cotton and bamboo. The result is a colourful baby blanket with a geometric print and a lot of softness. Therefore, any baby or toddler will be glad to receive this blanket from our baby presents collection.

What Is the Most Original Book in the Baby Presents Catalogue?

There are many wonderful books at Everything but Flowers, but the most original ones are undoubtedly the Cat Book from the Wee Gallery Cloth Books collection. The Cat Book introduces six animals to young children, but does it with a cloth-covered book.

What Is the Best Collectable in the Catalogue?

A collectable can also be a wonderful gift for a first birthday, because this gift gives your young recipient and the parents an amazing memento of this milestone moment. There are many collectables you could consider for this purpose, but our personal favourite is the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable.

One of the things that make the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable is the material this collectable is made of. Waterford Crystal is the brand name of the crystal, which is named after the city of Waterford in Ireland. The history of Waterford Crystal dates all the way back to 1783, so a gift such as the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable certainly adds a lot of elegance and sophistication to any gift.

What Is the Best Doll in the Catalogue?

One of our favourite dolls is the Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll. The Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll is handcrafted with the finest fabrics, ensuring that the doll is durable, but also that it is perfectly safe for babies and toddlers.

The Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll is specifically designed for young boys, but there are some Tiger Tribe dolls for girls too. So, if you need the female equivalent of this doll, be sure to check out our collection to find some alternatives.

What Is the Best All-Round Hamper for Babies?

Do you need a good all-round gift hamper for your young recipient? If so, you could consider the Ollie Owl New Baby Hamper! The Ollie Owl New Baby Hamper contains numerous unisex gifts; this includes a plush owl, the Hello World book, the Marquise Soft Cotton Stretch Wrap and Marquise 100% Cotton Pear Growsuit. In short, these are all items that the baby will enjoy for some time to come.

What Decorations Can You Suggest for a Nursery?

Everything but Flowers has some original and unique decorations for the nursery. One such a decoration is the Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament, which emits a soft light from its belly. Of course, the Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament does not only make a nursery more beautiful, it is also a good decoration for children who are still afraid of the dark.

The Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament measures 10.5 centimetres x 15 centimetres, but provides enough light thanks to the long-lasting LED lights inside. The overall design of the squirrel also works in every type of nursery, whether it is designed for a baby boy or a baby girl.

What Clothing Set Could You Recommend from the Everything but Flowers Range?

One of the clothing sets we can recommend is the Marquise Blue T-Shirt & Shorts Set, an excellent present idea for a baby boy. The clothing set delivers a beach-themed clothing set, supported by the quality of the Marquise clothing brand.

Marquise is known to use the softest, organic cotton, which certainly has some benefits for babies with sensitive skin. Of course, the quality of the cotton also contributes to the durability of Marquise clothing, which is why customers can find Marquise clothing quite frequently at Everything but Flowers.

What Other Baby Gifts Can I Find at Everything but Flowers?

Since we cannot cover our entire range in one article – because our collection of baby presents is incredibly large – we have only covered some of the most popular present choices in our range. To discover more baby gifts for babies and toddlers, please head over to the “Baby” or “Kids” category.

Do you have any additional questions about any of our baby gifts? Feel free to contact Everything but Flowers today for more info!