Rose The Bunny Ring Rattle

A Gentle, Eco-friendly Toy with a Soft Rattle

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For parents who only want the best for their precious baby, we would like to introduce you to the Maud N Lil Rose the Bunny Ring Rattle. This special toy will delight new parents just as much as it delights baby! Rose the Ring Rattle is made from the finest eco-friendly materials available, including 100% certified organic cotton and allergen-free filling. And, it’s the perfect shape and size for baby.

Hand wash in warm water. Dimensions: 13cm.

Baby is going to love this Rose the Bunny Ring Rattle! And because the rattle is earth-friendly and made from gentle materials, it makes a thoughtful christening or baby shower gift. Order by 1PM (AEST) to take advantage of our same or next day delivery options.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

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What Can You Tell Me About the Maud N’ Lil Rose the Bunny Ring Rattle?

Maud N’ Lil Rose the Bunny Ring Rattle from our baby presents catalogue is an excellent choice for a newborn baby. Even though we have many rattles in our baby presents collection already, there is always room for more; especially when that extra addition is the Maud N’ Lil Rose the Bunny Ring Rattle.

The Maud N’ Lil Rose the Bunny Ring Rattle is an eco-friendly choice, because it is made from 100% certified organic cotton. Any additional materials used for this rattle are also eco-friendly, so they are certainly safe for a newborn baby girl!

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The Baby Farm Animals Book is a great gift from our birthday presents range. It is most suitable for a child’s first birthday, because this book is an excellent read before bedtime or naptime!

Baby Farm Animals from our birthday presents catalogue contains 26 pages and is printed on board. It measures a reasonable 20.3cm x 16.8cm, so it is perfectly safe for young children. However, there are similar options in our birthday presents catalogue too, so do not forget to have a look at them too!

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Toddlers celebrating their first birthday might appreciate the Baby Therapy Boxed Soap from our birthday presents collection. The Baby Therapy Boxed Soap from the birthday presents catalogue contains a bar of baby soap, which is made with 100% pure and natural lavender essential oil.

As you may know already, lavender fragrance has several benefits for young children. Lavender is known to have a calming and soothing effect, which makes this bar of soap suitable for bath time just before bed.

The soap inside this gift set has some additional benefits too, because it delivers the healing properties of vitamin E, the moisturising qualities of goat’s milk, and additional healing power provided by olive oil. Therefore, this bar of soap could be perfect for a child who requires a skin-nurturing soap!

What Can You Tell Me About the Dream Jellyfish Calming Bath Light?

Bath time can be incredibly fun for children, but parents do need the right toys and accessories to make bath time the favourite time of day. Fortunately, parents can now count on the Dreams Jellyfish Calming Bath Light from Everything but Flowers, which makes bath time a true adventure!

The Dreams Jellyfish Calming Bath Light is a water-resistant jellyfish that can be submerged into water. Of course, there is more to this jellyfish than just water-resistance, because this jellyfish can illuminate the entire bathtub. The colours created by the Dreams Jellyfish Calming Bath Light is suitable for all young children, but especially children with autism who require a more relaxing bath!

Please note that the Dreams Jellyfish Calming Bath Light is available in different colours at Everything but Flowers. You can choose a colour that matches your young recipient, but you can also buy several different colours to make bath time even more interesting!

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The silicone of the bib is made is a food-grade, non-porous, germ-free silicone, which ensures a mess-free mealtime. The materials used in these bibs are also free from harsh chemicals such as latex, BPA and phthalates, which makes them perfectly safe for children of six months and older.

Of course, parents will appreciate these bibs even more than the toddler, because the bibs are so easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth or put it in the dishwasher for a quick and easy fix.

In addition to this Elephant Pink Bibz, customers can find other designs and colours for this bib in our collection. So, if you would like to obtain a different colour, or several of these wonderful bibs, be sure to check out entire catalogue today!

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At Everything but Flowers, customers can find more presents for children; this does not only include presents for newborns and toddlers, but also children who are a little older. If you have not decided on the perfect present for your child yet, be sure to check out the remainder of our catalogue for more wonderful gift options.