Sophie La Girafe: The Original Teether

This beloved giraffe is the perfect shape for a teether!

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The Original Teether by Sophie la Giraffe is the perfect gift for any newborn. Ever been stuck wondering what to buy a newborn baby? Well fear no longer! The Original Teether by Sophie la Giraffe is the perfect gift. Helping with all five senses of the baby (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell) whilst being used as the perfect teether. Made from 100% natural rubber.

If you wish to buy a practical and exquisitely attractive baby gift then this original teether from Sophie la Giraffe is the perfect gift. It's a must-have for babies in that uncomfortable period when their tiny teeth start poking through the gums. Sophie will be there to comfort bub in so many ways!

Her flexible body is made from natural rubber and painted from non-toxic dyes, so she's totally safe. Bubba will enjoy bending her soft body for chewable comfort – and she'll take bub's mind off the pain as she squeaks and laughs when squeezed. Her sweet, friendly smile will be a lovable sight for baby.

This teether has been soothing babies for over 50 years, so you can be sure she'll do her job properly. She's packaged in a charming gift box, so you can be confident with this gift for newborns – and parents will thank you later!

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The Recommended Birthday Presents for Kids & Toddlers at Everything but Flowers!

There are some delightful birthday presents for kids & toddlers available at Everything but Flowers, so customers can always find the perfect gift for their young recipient. Of course, having a large number of birthday presents for kids could mean a lot of browsing in our catalogue, unless you have a look at our overview of recommended birthday presents for kids & toddlers below!

Sophie La Giraffe: The Original Teether

The Sophie La Giraffe Teether is already known by most Australian parents, because this useful toy can soothe the gums of a young child and save the parents a lot of sleep when a child starts teething. However, our Sophie La Giraffe Teether is suitable for more than just soothing the gums, especially when you consider toddlers like to explore objects with the mouth.

Instead of having to worry your toddler starts putting dangerous objects in his or her mouth, you could obtain the Sophie La Giraffe Original Teeth from our birthday presents for kids range. The teether is a good option for a birthday, but it could also be a Christmas present. So, if you don’t know what kind of Christmas present could be good for a toddler, be sure to add this unique teether to the list.

Wild Science! Weird Slime Lab

Customers who want to obtain an education Christmas present for children older than 8 should consider the Wild Science! Weird Slime Lab. The science kit contains everything a child needs for some fun experiments. They could make some tadpole soup, but also grow exploding leeches. While this game might not be as much fun for the parents, children will absolutely adore this science kit as a Christmas present.

Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket

Buying a Christmas present or birthday present for a young child can be challenging, especially if the child is not yet aware of what the meaning of a birthday is. Fortunately, there are some functional gifts that you can fall back on, such as the Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket.

The Weegoamigo RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket is made from a blend of cotton and bamboo. This unique blend of materials ensures that the blanket is gentle on the sensitive skin of a young child, but also that it can be washed in the washing machine. It also has two layers, which ensures the blanket will keep the child warm even in colder temperatures.

Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll

Many children have a doll or a bear that will stay with them throughout childhood. The Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll could certainly be that toy for a little boy, because this fun pirate will be more than happy to go on many adventures.

The Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll is made from sustainable materials and is therefore eco-friendly. Tiger Tribe also paid a fair price for the materials they used in the Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll, which means this rag doll is fair-trade too. Can you find anything that you don’t love about this rag doll?

Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament

For younger children, we have another functional item that could be put in the nursery and make their bedroom a little more pleasant – the Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament. The cute LED ornament emits a light glow, which adds a bit of light to the nursery, but not enough to keep the baby awake.

The Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament is just one of the options available at Everything but Flowers, because we have more LED ornaments available. So, if you would like a different design than the squirrel, then be sure to check out the other LED ornaments in our presents for kids range.

Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack

Is the child you need a present for just starting school? Then you could delight them with a fun backpack! Even though we have several backpacks available, we would like to recommend one of the latest additions to our range for young children – the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack.

The Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack is a sustainable backpack made from certified organic canvas. The backpack was also made under ethical manufacturing standards, which makes this backpack even better! So, customers who only want to purchase organic or fair-trade products, could certainly consider this backpack.

Kids Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints

If the child you need a present for is quite creative, you could consider the Kids Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints Set. This stunning set of acrylic paints is ideal for young painters, enabling them to create the most wonderful masterpieces.

Customers who purchase the Kids Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints as a gift for a child, they could consider other creative presents available in our range; this includes the matching Kids Made Paintbrushes. So, head over to our catalogue to find more creative gift options for children!

If the child in question is not that fond of painting, but loves to colour and draw, you could consider gifting the Sparkle Sketch Pencils. We also have several colouring books, and even a life-size colouring poster children will adore!

More Gifts for Birthdays and Christmas

There are many presents available at Everything but Flowers, so we have made searching for the perfect present a little easier by installing some sorting filters on our website. Customers can use the sorting menu to filter results according to price, but they can also click on the age categories on top of the catalogue to only see presents for a certain age range; this makes the selection of the appropriate gift a lot easier.

Aside from excellent gifts for kids, customers can also count on Everything but Flowers for gifts for adults. So, if you need a present for a special occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion, you can count on Everything but Flowers to provide you with the presents you need! We also have a premium gift wrapping service available, so we can take care of everything for you!