Guess How Much I Love You Little Library

A lovely set for the new addition to the family

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Four enchanting stories from the creators of the classic bestseller 'Guess How Much I Love you'. The perfect gift for your very own little nutbrown hare - all year round!

Book gifts for kids offer a wonderful opportunity for adults and youngsters to spend time together to discover cherished stories.

Guess How Much I Love You has become a much loved story of multiple generations and a delightful gift for any toddler or baby to receive.

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The timeless appeal of books for babies and children

Parents often say their favourite time of the day is reading to their baby or older child. This special bonding activity, when the child is captivated by the story the parent is reading, are precious moments that go all too quickly with the passing of time. It's never too early to begin reading to your baby. They love to hear sounds, especially tender voices. This is how they begin to distinguish words they're little learning machines, so buying baby gifts that help them learn are invaluable.

The classics never get old as baby gifts

Children's classics pass from generation to generation and never seem to become dated. Some stories resonate with every child no matter what kind of world they're born into. Baby gifts that involve classic children's characters are adored by the parents too, because they probably got them as baby gifts themselves.

Our Guess How Much I Love You Little Library stars the utterly charming Nutbrown Hares. These characters aren't old classics, but will surely remain perennial baby gifts for generations to come. This story of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare competing to tell each other how much one loves the other touches children around the world. This makes such delightful baby gifts for all your friends' new babies.

Baby gifts that can withstand wear and tear!

Babies, as you well know if you've had any, love to bash and throw things out of their buggies and across floors. It's all part of baby experimentation! Board and cloth books are brilliant baby books that babies can hold and look at, but are indestructible. The ABCs of Winnie-the-Pooh Board Book makes beautiful baby gifts for your friends. Babies love the exquisite illustrations, and in time learn their ABCs the fun way.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book also is something you can give as baby gifts that parents and babies adore. The story of the food-gorging caterpillar with its adorable illustrations can be read over and over to babies. These baby gifts will last as long as the baby loves them, which means months of wear and tear and they'll still look great!

Fabric book baby gifts are just as durable

Give our Pooh and Friends Fabric Book as baby gifts and babies will hold and explore them, as well as nibble on them! They are safe for a baby to chew, as they will, as well as being adorable to look at. Baby gifts like this help the little one learn as the baby grows.