Emme the Elephant Rattle

Sweet for Baby from Nana Huchy

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Make this elephant rattle, Emme the Elephant by Nana Huchy, the first playmate for your baby. Designed with fascinating floppy ears, happy face, and dressed in a tutu for a sweet ballerina look, this baby rattle gently orients baby to the origin of sound. This cute baby toy produces the desired sound at the slightest of touch for baby to enjoy.

This elephant rattle easily captures babys attention as they listens to the sound it produces. Soft and safe for babies and perfectly fitted for small hands, Emme the Elephant makes an awesome gift for baby girls on birthdays, milestone celebrations, baby showers and christening.

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Why rattles are hugely beneficial for babies!

Human beings don't really change. No matter how much technology improves, we still love the simple things in life along with our digital pleasure. Babies, like humans, love to touch, see and hear. In fact, babies need to touch and be cuddled for their health. They also need to be stimulated by sight and sound.

Have you noticed how babies and toddlers reach out to grab anything they can. It might be your hair (ouch!), or they'll put something in their mouth they really shouldn't! They can't resist feeling the world around them, looking with curiosity and making noise with glee! Giving baby gifts that stimulate their senses are necessary for a baby's development. One thing that never changes is how babies and toddlers love toys that make sounds.

Baby rattles do more than just make noise!

Would you believe that rattles are good for developing a baby's motor abilities, they help with physical coordination, and aid the baby's brain with the sensory stimulation? Who knew a rattle did that much? Rattles have been the first baby toys for centuries. Our rattles are baby gifts that are soft and cuddly. These kinds of baby gifts delight watch babies' faces as they shake their rattles, delighted they can make such a noise.

Our baby rattles make splendid baby gifts

Emme the Elephant Rattle is the perfect shape for a good grip from tiny baby hands. She's a sweet little elephant who looks pretty and wears a tutu. If you give Emme as part of your baby gifts, you'll delight the baby and the parents. We have Jack the Giraffe Rattles too as baby gifts, which are the same shape as Emme.

For more rattle baby gifts, check out our Baby Carrot Rattle. It's just the right size for babies to hold, and is safe to nibble on too (though impossible to actually eat we just wish to add that!). We have larger baby rattles for when the baby's get a few months older. These baby gifts not only rattle but are plush toys they can cuddle. Our Elephant Rattle Teddy in Blue or Pink are lovable, soft and safe to cuddle when rattling time is over.