The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book by Eric Carle

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Author and illustrator Eric Carle knew exactly how to capture the imagination of the young. His food-gorging caterpillar is stocking up as it prepares to change to a chrysalis before emerging as a beautiful butterfly. This publication has swept the board with childrens literary and graphic design awards. Buy this gift for your child and share memorable classic stories and wonderful pictures together.

An excellent choice of book brought to you by Australia's premium gift website for all occasions, Everything but Flowers. Share this classic with your toddler at bedtime. Not just stories but beautiful graphics too a combination that will make reading and playtime interactive fun.

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Books that are wonderful baby gifts

One thing is for sure, from when the baby is born they're either photographed or filmed for years to come. There are different types of books you can buy as baby gifts. Ones that hold pictures of those precious early months, and others to help with a baby's learning.

Giving colourful character books as baby gifts

The Winnie-the-Pooh ABC book has that everlasting, lovable bear helping teach a toddler their first letters. Whilst babies are too young to understand, they take everything in around them every sound, every sight their instinct is to learn about their surroundings. When parents read to their babies, even though the babies hear sounds they can't decipher, they still begin to learn the language. This is why books make such valuable baby gifts.

The Sophie La Girafe First Words Board Book is another beloved character book for babies that they'll love as baby gifts. This adorable giraffe (with the parents' help) guides babies and toddlers to find toys, food and other items, while teaching them to read. Board books are perfect baby gifts because they can withstand being roughed up and thrown about!

Baby gift books to keep for life

It is the digital age and most images we look at nowadays are on some kind of device. The pictures don't wear, they don't tear, they're hopefully stored somewhere that won't disappear, which means not on the device, which could break or be lost. With all of this technology, there's still nothing like looking at physical photographs of babies. Baby gifts that are keepsake photo albums are precious baby presents.

We have a Bambino Linen Baby Album, which is exquisitely made. There are three metal icons on the cover a pram, teddy and rocking horse adding to its appeal. Parents can write the time of birth, weight and other details inside on an elegantly designed page. This delightful baby gift holds 100 photos that the whole family can dip into for years.

A baby present to help the parents!

Our lovely baby gift book for parents, 100 Ways To Make Your Baby Smile has a glorious cover and inside full-colour photos of babies with spectacular, contagious smiles! Baby gifts like this are unusual and helpful for new parents. It has inspiring tips for parents to make their own baby giggle and grin 100 ways in fact!