Peter Rabbit 'Hello Peter' Board Book

Beautiful and Delightful for Bonding Time

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Beatrix Potters famous book Hello Peter is an all-time favourite for many decades. This wonderful childrens book comes bound in protective padding making it the perfect gift for toddlers who will love hearing about the exploits of the famous Peter Rabbit. An all-time favourite with parents from every generation, and set to continue as one of the best bedtime storybook adventures for kids ever. Such a delightful idea for baby gifts for newborn boys and girls, and a great introduction to literature for older babies too.

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Buy baby gifts that help bond parent and child

It can be a dazzling, baffling time for adults who have a new baby especially if it's their first. They're in for a shock! Suddenly a stranger arrives and the adults have to pander to its every whim. Babies have no barriers to letting parents know they want attention at any hour day and night.

Some parents bond immediately with their baby, but for others it's not so immediate. They can feel guilty, wonder if they're fit for parenthood all sorts of doubts. Most of the time they just need to get used to having this new little human and they then grow to love their baby. Whether they take to the baby straight away, or need time, buying gifts that bond parent and child are always brilliant baby gifts.

Tips for baby presents that form a bond

Parents and babies will always interact. It can be lots of fun and lots of stress and tiredness! Reading to the baby is always a lovely bonding experience, so books given as baby gifts are precious. The baby loves the soothing sound of the parent's voice, and parents are fascinated and delighted by the attention they get from the baby.

The Peter Rabbit 'Hello Peter' Board Book has a classic children's character that the parents probably had read to them by their parents. This baby gift book has protective padding and stiff, thick pages so it's baby-proof! The gorgeous pictures and simple words, repeated by the parents, help the baby's mind develop.

Baby gifts for bath time bonding

Most babies love bath time. Water is such fun to them, and babies also need gentle touching for their wellbeing. The soothing massage of being washed is good for the baby. So getting bath time baby gifts is a very good idea!

We have some hooded towels that make great baby gifts because they will dry and keep the baby warm at the same time. Lovely for post-bath time cuddles with mum or dad. Getting one of our hampers, such as the Snuggles Moet Baby Hamper, is a really special baby gift for bonding. Not only has it a cotton singlet for the baby to wear after bathing, but also a super-soft blanket for warmth. This baby gift also helps the parents bond too, with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne after all, they deserve it!

Our goal is to make your entire baby gifts shopping experience as easy as it can be. We offer you premium gift wrapping options, and include free personalised gift cards with every order too. Most importantly we want to make sure that every baby gift we send out brings a smile to the face of the people receiving it, because isn't that what all the best gifts do? For your peace of mind, you can track your order online so you'll know it arrives.