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The perfect gift for babies on the move, this gorgeous Teddy Clip-on Friend from TOLO is the ideal gift when youre looking for newborn baby presents that are cute and unique.

Featuring clever feet that easily attach to most bars, this delightful teddy features a clicking body and head and pose-able arms and legs for baby to explore and enjoy.

With a cute, friendly face and beautiful soft colour tones, this teddy friend is recommended for babies aged 3 months+, and is great for the pram or the cot. As winner of the practical preschool 2007 gold award this toy will become a true favourite.

Measuring 10.8cm x 5.1cm x 14cm this teddy is perfectly designed for small hands to explore and discover. It helps babies to develop skills such as colour recognition, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, touching and gripping and is great for teething too.

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Soothing Ideas for Newborn Baby Presents

Colicky. Fussy. Finicky. Call it what you will, but having a crying newborn is never fun. And if your baby cries a lot, you may find yourself at wits end. Of course, you always start with the obvious questions. Are they hungry? Are they sleepy? Are they gassy?

But often youll find that colicky newborns cry even when theyre full, rested, and gas-free. So then you buy several newborn baby presents, like teethers and toys. Yet these dont seem to work either and you ask yourself, what can I try now? The TOLO Teddy Clip on Friend  is the perfect gift to occupy a fussy baby; with the ability to attach to the pram or the cot; it's a gift that will grow with baby as they learn to touch and hold it.

Newborn Baby Gifts that Stimulate

Babies are just babies, right? They need food, milk, and rest, but they also need stimulation. Stimulation not only combats boredom, its also an important part of your newborns development. So if your baby is under-stimulated, he or she may cry out.

Newborn baby presents that are multi-coloured, make noise, and can be manipulated by a newborns little hands will provide your baby with the stimulation they need. For example, bright colours help visual recognition. And toys that can be manipulated in some way develop a newborns dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

If you think your newborn is under-stimulated, you might also try to take them out more often to see and experience new things. Even just carrying them around as you run errands can offer stimulation.

Is your baby over-stimulated?

Your newborn may actually be over-stimulated, especially if you have a house full of other children. So if you sense that your baby may be over-stimulated, create a quiet space for him or her. In this quiet space, consider using dim light and soft music to create a calm atmosphere.

Soft-coloured night lights and comfortable clothing make great newborn baby presents for babies that may find the bright, uncomfortable world just a bit much to handle.

In the same vein as overstimulation, your newborn may be especially sensitive to uncomfortable stimuli, like itchy clothing tags or needing to change positions. You might also look for a hair tourniquet. This is a condition when a hair gets tightly wrapped around a finger or toe, cutting off circulation and causing pain.

When does your baby seem happiest?

Like adults, every newborn has their own personality. The same strategies and newborn baby presents used to soothe your other children may not work for your newborn. How easy life would be if all babies were the same! So just ask yourself, when does your newborn seems happiest?

If it helps, when your baby seems content or actively happy, write down what the baby is doing and whats happening in the surrounding environment. After a short period of time, you should start seeing a pattern of behavior and preferences. These notes can then help you make your newborn comfortable and content. They can also help you find the perfect newborn baby presents.

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