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A baby shower gift that commemorates those moments when

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Give a baby shower gift from Everything But Flowers that celebrates life’s parenting adventures with Seriously Milestone Cards for Baby.

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Sentimental Birthday Presents for Kids to Delight Everyone!

Providing sentimental birthday presents for kids is always a good idea, because you can be sure they will hold onto your gift for the rest of their life! Of course, if the child is quite young, these sentimental birthday presents for kids will be hold onto by the parents. Want to get some inspiration? Find some excellent birthday presents for kids below, as well as some recommended Christmas presents.

Seriously Baby Milestone Cards

If you need birthday presents for kids who celebrate their first birthday, or a baby shower gift that could double as a Christmas present, you could consider the Seriously Baby Milestone Cards. These milestone cards are a fun novelty gift for parents and the young child, because these give parents some funny insights into the true joys of being a parent.

Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable

Customers looking for a sentimental Christmas present that is also a collectible should consider the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable. As the name suggests, this crystal butterfly is made from genuine Waterford Crystal, which immediately adds tremendous value to the gift.

The butterfly made from Waterford Crystal measures 9.1 x 8.3 x 9.1 centimetres, which means it could be a wonderful addition to a nursery or a child’s bedroom. This is the perfect Christmas present, because the child in question is going to love this collectible as they grow older too!

Peter Rabbit Card Set: Milestone Moments

If you like the idea of the Seriously Baby Milestone Cards, but looking for something even more sentimental for a Christmas present, you could consider the Peter Rabbit Card Set: Milestone Moments as a Christmas present. With the help of this card set, keeping track of milestone moments becomes a whole lot easier!

Each card inside the Peter Rabbit Card Set measures a reasonable 12.7 x 17.8 centimetres; this also means they are safe to use for young children. All the cards are also displayed in a beautiful keepsake box, which enables you to keep these beautiful cards safe!

Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight

Do you like the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable? Do you want to add to this gift with another beautiful collectable? Then be sure to check out the Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight. The beautiful crystal paperweight measures 4.8 x 7.1 x 7.6 centimetres, which means it will make a beautiful nursery decoration without being too overpowering.

Vera Wang Wedgewood Infinity Piggy Bank

A nice piggy bank is the ideal present for children, because teaching children about money and saving is one of the basics parents need to teach their children. With the Vera Wang Wedgewood Infinity Piggy Bank, the child in question is going to have a treasured piggy bank for life.

The Vera Wang Wedgewood Infinity Piggy Bank measures a big 14 x 11 centimetres, which means it can hold quite a few coins! The design of the piggy bank should be mentioned too, because the beautiful design features a detailed rope and an infinity symbol on the bag. It is also presented in a gorgeous designed Wedgwood gift box, so who can say no to this beautiful gift?

Sophie La Giraffe Star Projector

Many young children love Sophie La Giraffe, so if you want to gift something that means a lot to them, we can certainly recommend a Sophie La Giraffe Star Projector. This projector is a soothing nightlight, with a beautiful music box incorporated into them. So, if you believe a starry ceiling with relaxing tones is going to promote sleep for a young toddler or child, you could decide to choose the Sophie La Giraffe Star Projector!

Love Sculpture Paperweight

To ensure a sentimental gift is well-received, you could consider one of the many paperweights in our range. We already mentioned the Waterford Crystal Paperweight earlier, but we also have the Love Sculpture Paperweight! This is an excellent choice for parents who want to add a bit more love to the décor of the nursery!

Pregnancy Belly Kit

If you want to gift something sentimental before the baby is born, we can heavily recommend the Pregnancy Belly Kit. The Pregnancy Belly Kit provides the mum-to-be with a plaster cast, which can be used to take an impression of the mum’s pregnant belly. The cast can then be painted and decorated, and kept in the home as a decoration.

The Pregnancy Belly Kit consists of a high-grade plaster roll, primer, Vaseline and a paintbrush. The kit also contains the instructions, so the mum to be can create the cast without any problems.

Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Album

The ultimate sentimental gift from our collection is undoubtedly the Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Album. This album has a beautiful design on the outside and inside, which is based on everyone’s favourite character – Peter Rabbit.

Inside the Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Album, you will find a total of 30 photo pages. Each page contains acid-free opaque, which means it can protect the photos perfectly. The album also measures a serious 17.5 x 17.5 x 2.5 centimetres, so it can hold many photos!

Vera Wang Wedgwood Infinity Baby Frame

When you need a sentimental gift, you could also consider the Vera Wang Wedgwood Infinity Baby Frame. The photo frame is silver plated and features many fine details that make this a collector’s item. It is an excellent christening gift, but it could also be gifted for a child’s first birthday or another important milestone.

Other Sentimental Gifts Available at Everything but Flowers

We have many other collectables and sentimental gifts available, so we recommend that customers check out our entire range before making their decision. Of course, choosing the perfect gift is never easy, so you could need some assistance from our expert team.

To get help from the Everything but Flowers team, simply use one of the many contact methods available to you on the Everything but Flowers website. If you need help immediately, use either our online chat messaging service or contact us by telephone. Is your question not that urgent? Please send our team an email or contact us through the website!