Elephant Organic Cotton Onesie

Made from Soft Organic Cotton Fabric

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This beautiful pink short-sleeved onesie, featuring a big, friendly elephant character on the print, combines comfort and functionality, trendy French design, and ethical production practices. It comes as part of the Save Our Species collection, compiled by the family-run company, Little Frenchy (Aus), and is well-suited to babies up to the age of six months.

The design, by French kids fashion company Coq en Pâte, features an easy-open bottom, and a comfortable envelope-style neckline, and is made from ultra-soft organic cotton. Safe and eco-friendly silkscreen printing with Azo-free water ink was used for the decoration, and the production was carried out in certified ethically-run factories in India.

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The Cutest Baby Presents and Birthday Presents for Baby Girls? Uncover Our Favourites Today!

Do you require some beautiful baby presents or birthday presents for a baby girl? If so, be sure to read on, because we are about to disclose some of our favourite baby presents and birthday presents for baby girls!

Why Should I Choose the Elephant Short-Sleeve Onesie?

Every baby girl needs a cute onesie, so the Elephant Short-Sleeve Onesie from our baby presents catalogue is an obvious choice. The Elephant Short-Sleeve Onesie from our baby presents collection is made from soft-pink organic cotton, which makes this onesie suitable for baby girls with a sensitive skin.

The Elephant Short-Sleeve Onesie is designed by a French kid’s fashion company called Coq en Pâte, who created this onesie for optimal comfort and convenience. The onesie features an easy-open bottom, complemented by a spacious neckline. The ink used for the print is eco-friendly, because the designers used Azo-free water ink. So, this onesie does not have any disadvantages!

Why Should I Choose the World of Peter Rabbit: The Complete Collection of Tales?

If you want birthday presents for a child celebrating his or her first birthday, we recommend the World of Peter Rabbit: The Complete Collection of Tales from our birthday presents catalogue. The collection contains a whopping 23 classic Peter Rabbit tales, written by famous author Beatrix Potter.

The stories of author Beatrix Potter have been going around for more than 110 years, so these timeless stories are known by children and adults. Considering the popularity of these tales, we are quite sure that young children are going to enjoy these stories before bedtime, and might even be encouraged to try reading them as well.

Why Should I Choose the Inflatable World Globe?

Our Inflatable World Globe is an excellent gift for toddlers. The Inflatable World Globe is a fun ball to play with, but is educational as well at the same time. The Inflatable World Globe gives an accurate representation of the world in map format, so this could have some benefits for the child in the long run!

Why Should I Choose Spot the Dog Plush?

Spot the Dog Plush is one of the most popular plush toys in our collection. Spot measures 16 cm x 24 cm and does not contain any small parts that could be swallowed. Therefore, Spot the Dog Plush could be an excellent companion for toddlers.

Since Spot loves his cuddles, he is the ideal companion during story time. He can also keep the toddler company during bedtime, and protect the toddler against some of the monsters that may be hiding under the bed. Yes, Spot the Dog Plush is truly magic!

Why Should I Choose the Little Bubba Navy Bath Time Hamper?

The Little Bubba Navy Bath Time Hamper is a premium gift hamper for newborn baby boys. Inside this hamper, parents can find numerous products they can use for their baby boy’s bath time; this includes a luxurious hooded towel, face washers, a soft hippo scrub and the Star & Rose Baby Face Hair & Body Wash. In short, everything a baby needs for a relaxing first bath experience.

Why Should I Choose the Thank You Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper?

If you do not know the gender of the baby, but need a gift for the birth of a new baby, you could choose the Thank You Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper. Inside this hamper, you can find numerous bath time products with a neutral grey colour, so they can be used for baby girls and boys.

Inside the Thank You Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper, parents can find some soft face washers and a hooded towel. The hamper also contains bath products from Thank You Co.; this is an organic brand that only uses organic ingredients for their baby products. The Thank You Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper also contains a set of four rubber ducks, which will make bath time a lot more fun for the baby.

We also need to mention that there is a girl equivalent of this hamper, so in addition to the Grey and the Navy Baby Bath Hamper, you can also find a pink hamper at Everything but Flowers!

Where Can I Find More Gifts for Births, Christenings and First Birthdays?

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