Marquise Red T-Shirt & Shorts Set

A Sweet Gift of Style For A New Baby Boy

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This Marquise Baby Set is made for relaxing, playing, and napping all day! Featuring the timeless styling of Marquise, and crafted with luxurious 100% cotton that's guaranteed to be soft and gentle on baby's skin, parents will love this cute marquise baby set

The t-shirt and shorts are size 000 and made with 100% easy, breezy cotton. Marquise baby clothes are great for a day at the beach or out on the town.

We recommend giving this set as a christening gift or baby shower present. Just remember to pick out a cute blue bow and take advantage of our gift-wrapping service!

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Discover Our Nautical-Themed Presents for Kids!

Since Australia is surrounded by water, it is no surprise that there are many nautical-themed presents for kids nowadays. If you want to buy something beach or sea inspired, be sure to read on, since we will disclose some of our finest nautical-themed baby presents and birthday presents for kids.

What Nautical-Themed Baby Presents Are Available at Everything but Flowers?

There are countless baby presents with a nautical theme at Everything but Flowers; this includes baby clothing as well as toys. Below, we will list some of the most popular choices from our baby presents collection.

One of the nautical-themed gifts from our baby presents range is the Marquise Red T-Shirt & Shorts Set, a great present for a baby boy. The Marquise shirt features an illustration of a whale, while the shorts are embellished with little illustrations of boats, whales, and anchors. So, this set from our baby presents collection is perfect for a little boy’s first visit to the beach!

Another nautical-inspired baby present at Everything but Flowers is Mia the Mermaid Doll. As the name suggests, Mia the Mermaid Doll is a genuine mermaid! She wears a gold swimsuit, has her own coral collection, and simply loves to accompany little girls between one and three years old. In short, the perfect nautical gift for a little girl in search of a best friend.

Customers could also choose something nautical that could be used at bath time; for example, the Whale Squirter Bath Toy. The Whale Squirter Bath Toy is most suitable for younger children, since it does not contain small parts that could be swallowed. They also keep little children entertained, so be sure to consider this lovely gift for a toddler.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can also find collections of squirt toys; this includes our Bath Squirt Toys with a Jungle Theme. So, if you would like to add to the Whale Squirter Bath Toy, be sure to check out some of our additional options too.

What Nautical-Themed Birthday Presents for Kids Are Available at Everything but Flowers?

You never get too old for nautical-themed toys and clothing, so babies and toddlers are not the only recipients who will appreciate something with a nautical theme. Below, customers can find some popular choices from the birthday presents collection, so they can delight their young recipient with the perfect present.

One of our birthday presents with a nautical theme is the Make Waves Mermaid Name Framed Print; this is a beautiful frame with a mermaid image. The framed print can be personalised with the name of the recipient, so this print from our birthday presents range fits perfectly in your recipient’s bedroom as a wall decoration.

Another nautical birthday present that you could consider for your recipient is the Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll. Even though Pedro does not reside in the ocean, he does have his own pirate ship and loves adventures more than anyone! So, the Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll could be a good companion for any little girl or boy.

There are some creative birthday presents with a nautical theme too at Everything but Flowers, more specifically the Oceanic Fluorescent Pencils. The Oceanic Fluorescent Pencils include all the colours your recipient needs for a masterpiece; this includes some pinks and greens. Of course, these pencils come in a beautiful box, which has all types of ocean life on it. Therefore, this set of pencils is perfect for a creative child with a love for colouring and drawing.

Naturally, customers could choose something that can be used at the beach or in the ocean; for example, one of the many floats available at Everything but Flowers. There are several floats in our collection, but one of our most popular ones is the Sunnylife Toucan Kiddy Float.

The Sunnylife Toucan Kiddy Float is perfect for an afternoon at the pool, lake, or the beach. The float is made in the likeness of a toucan and displays some lively colours. It measures a spacious 44cm x 57cm x 70cm and has a total weight capacity of 20 kilograms. Therefore, this float is best suited for children aged three and over.

Where Can I Find More Nautical-Themed Baby Presents and Birthday Presents at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find more nautical-themed birthday presents and baby presents. To find more of these gifts, head over to our baby presents and birthday presents range, where you will find more nautical-themed presents throughout the catalogue.

Do you have a question about our birthday or baby presents with a nautical theme? Or could you use some help finding the perfect present for a younger recipient? Count on the experience of the Everything but Flowers team and contact us to discuss the possibilities.