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Welcome to the world precious baby boy; whether he’s already arrived, or he’ll be arriving soon; this is the perfect baby boy gift hamper that will delight new parents or parents-to-be. Featuring soft cotton bath accessories with a stylish navy trim; it’s a special baby hamper for a special boy.

Of course there’s no point having soft, cotton bath accessories, without having a gentle bath wash and fun bath time buddy to go with it. We’ve included the Star & Rose Baby Face, Hair & Body Wash that features organic ingredients to ensure baby’s sensitive skin is gently cleansed. The cutest ever scrubbie duck helps clean baby with an extra touch of fun because here at Everything But Flowers, we’ve got Australia’s best range of baby gift hampers.

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Star & Rose Baby Face Hair & Body Wash

Star & Rose Baby Face Hair & Body Wash

Star & Rose 100% Australian Made with the finest, natural and organic ingredients.

Bubba Blue Polka Dots Blue Hooded Towel

Bubba Blue Polka Dots Blue Hooded Towel

This nice and large cotton hooded towel is guaranteed to keep your baby lovely and snug after bath time. A first parent’s essential item!

Bubba Blue Polka Dots Navy Face Washers

Bubba Blue Polka Dots Navy Face Washers

High quality cotton face washers in Navy are excellent for keeping your babies face nice and clean.

Scrubbie Hippo

Scrubbie Hippo

Enjoy bath time with this little blue hippo, soft and light perfect for your little one.

The Best Navy Presents for Baby Boys at Everything but Flowers!

Navy colours are the main colours people look for when they need a present for a baby boy. Fortunately, customers do not have to look far, because Everything but Flowers has a tremendous collection of presents for baby boys in a navy colour! So, if you could use some recommendations from our collection, be sure to check out our top navy gifts for baby boys!

What Is the First Recommended Navy Present for a Baby Boy?

Our first navy present for a baby boy is the Little Bubba Navy Bathtime Hamper. Inside this hamper, customers can find several products that are used for baby’s bath time; this includes hair & body wash, a hooded towel, Scrubbie hippo and face washers.

The items inside the Little Bubba Navy Bathtime Hamper all have a navy theme. The items from Bubba Blue even have a matching navy with polka dot design, so the navy theme certainly runs throughout this hamper flawlessly.

Customers who choose the Bubba Navy Bathtime Hamper can gift this baby hamper for all types of special occasions; this includes the birth of a baby, christenings, and even a baby shower. So, if you want to surprise the parents and the baby boy, be sure to consider the Bubba Navy Bathtime Hamper.

What Is the Second Recommended Navy Present for a Baby Boy?

Another fun baby hamper that has a blue theme running throughout the hamper is the Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper. Inside the Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper, customers can find a plush Peter Rabbit toy, but also various types of Peter Rabbit merchandise.

The Peter Rabbit merchandise that has been included inside this hamper is all functional. Firstly, there is the Peter Rabbit Bunny Bib, which has an image of Peter Rabbit in the middle. It is also made from 100% cotton, which means the bib will stay as good as new, even after repeated washes.

Our Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper also includes a Peter Rabbit First Feeding Set. The set includes a bowl and a spoon, each featuring a beautiful illustration from the Peter Rabbit books.

Of course, this Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper would not be complete without a genuine Peter Rabbit storybook. ‘Sweet Dreams Peter’ features a beautiful night-time story for a little baby boy. It is also a board book, so once the baby is a little bigger, he can learn how to read this book himself.

What Is the Third Recommended Navy Present for a Baby Boy?

Customers can get a pair of personalised leather baby shoes in navy as well. At Everything but Flowers, you can order baby shoes that are personalised with the initial of the baby. Simply select the initial of the baby from the dropdown menu on the product description page.

In addition to a pair of navy leather baby shoes, customers can get personalised leather shoes in other colours as well. We have stunning silver shoes, but also leather shoes in light blue and pink. Check out the full selection of leather baby shoes in our collection today.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Navy Present for a Baby Boy?

There are more stunning navy hampers in our collection that should be considered for births, baby showers, and christenings; this includes a variant on the first hamper mentioned in this overview, the ThankYou Co. Navy Baby Bath Hamper.

The ThankYou Co. Navy Baby Bath Hamper is packed with navy-themed items. It includes the polka dot Bubba Blue hooded towel and the face washers. Both are made from the finest cotton, so customers can count on premium quality and durability.

Our ThankYou Co. Navy Baby Hampers contains a lot of ThankYou baby products as well. We included a ThankYou baby bath wash, baby ointment, and baby shampoo. Each of these products are made with natural ingredients; this makes the products extremely suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Finally, the ThankYou Co. Navy Baby Hamper also includes a set of four rubber ducks. Rubber duckies make a bath a lot more fun, so even when the baby gets a little older, he will still value this set of four rubber ducks.

Where Can I Find More Navy-Themed Baby Gifts?

The Everything but Flowers catalogue has tons of navy-themed gifts, so your options are certainly not limited to the navy presents we mentioned today. If you need more inspiration, simply head over to the Everything but Flowers ‘baby’ catalogue to discover more suitable presents.

Do you have a question about any of the presents in the Everything but Flowers catalogue? For more information about any of our items, or to get some recommendations for a birth, christening, or a baby shower, please contact the Everything but Flowers team via email, telephone, or the instant messaging function on the website.