Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper

Snuggles & Cuddles To Welcome Baby

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Don’t struggle with finding the perfect newborn baby boy gift; we’ve got the cutest gift hamper right here filled with quality products that will keep baby cosy and comfy. Parents will love the Marquise outfit and blanket thanks to the 100% breathable cotton that’s soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

Marquise have been icons in Australian children’s wear since 1932 which is why they are a favourite for our baby gifts here at Everything But Flowers.

We all know a precious baby boy needs a buddy to take on adventures as he grows, and Fred Bunny is waiting to discover the world. Until the adventure begins he’s soft and sweet and will enjoy hours of baby snuggles.

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Gifts & Accessories
Marquise 'Dog' Singlet & Short Set

Marquise 'Dog' Singlet & Short Set

Made from the finest soft cotton, ideal for baby's precious skin. Ideal for Summer, or as an undergarment in Winter.

Marquise Baby Boy Quilted Blanket

Marquise Baby Boy Quilted Blanket

A soft comfortable quilted blanket from Marquise for a precious baby boy. 100cm x 120cm.

Fred the Bunny

Fred the Bunny

A giant soft and cuddly bunny with beautiful blue contrasting fabrics. Ideal for any newborn or toddler.

Everything but Flowers’ Best Baby Hampers with Plush Toys!

Plush toys are probably some of the most common baby gifts. You will often spot them at births, baby showers, and christenings, so it is not unusual for our range of baby hampers to contain some of those plush toys as well. Curious what our most popular baby hampers with plush toys are? Check out the overview below to find out!

What Is the First Popular Baby Hamper with a Plush Toy?

One of our popular baby hampers with a plush toy is the Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper. The Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper contains a plush toy specifically selected for baby boys, but also many other items that could prove useful for a birth, baby shower, or christening.

Aside from the cute plush toy ‘Fred the Bunny’, our Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper contains a Marquise Baby Boy Quilted Blanket. The blanket measures 100 centimetres by 120 centimetres and contains a design that matches the detailing on the plush bunny.

Our exquisite baby hampers may contain baby clothing as well; this is also the case for the Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper. The Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper includes a Marquise clothing set consisting of a singlet and a pair of shorts; this combination is great for the summer but could also provide some extra warmth during the colder months.

What Is the Second Popular Baby Hamper with a Plush Toy?

Another baby hamper that contains a plush toy is the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Baby Girl Hamper. As the name already suggests, this gift basket is made specifically for baby girls. Therefore, customers can expect a lot of pink-themed items inside!

The plush toy inside the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Baby Girl Hamper is none other than Little Nut Brown Hare Rattle. The plush toy selected for this gift basket is chosen for a specific reason, since the plush toy matches the character inside the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ book.

Our ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Baby Girl Hamper also contains the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ books, which have been beautifully illustrated and written by author Sam McBratney. The ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ books are genuine classics, so most parents would love to have these books in their baby’s collection.

Finally, the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Baby Girl Hamper also contains some clothing from baby fashion brand Marquise; this includes the cotton daisy growsuit and the soft cotton singlet. Each of the items is made from the characteristic Marquise soft cotton, so any baby wearing this clothing is bound to be comfortable.

Please note that the Guess How Much I Love You Baby Hamper is not just available for baby girls, we also have this hamper available for baby boys. The Guess How Much I Love You Hamper also comes in a white, neutral colour; this could prove the recommended choice for customers who do not know the gender of the baby.

What Is the Third Popular Baby Hamper with a Plush Toy?

Another one of our exquisite baby hampers containing a soft plush toy is the Paddington Bear & PureBaby Hamper. As the name suggests, the Paddington Bear & PureBaby Hamper is made around the children’s book and movie character Paddington Bear.

A Paddington Bear hamper would not be complete without an actual Paddington plush toy, so this is one of the first things we included inside this baby hamper. The Paddington Bear plush toy wears his characteristic blue coat with the initials P.B. as well as his unique red had and shiny red boots.

To ensure the baby can grow up with the classic Paddington Bear stories, we also included the Paddington Little Library, which contains a beautiful set of Paddington Bear books written by Michael Bond. These books are suitable for children between 0 and 5 years old, but they can become a valuable possession to pass down to a later generation.

There is also some cute baby clothing inside the Paddington Bear & PureBaby Hamper, which matches the style of Paddington Bear. It includes the Pure Baby Organic Cotton Knot Hat and Growsuit. It also contains the Marquise Embroided ‘Baby’ Soft Cotton Singlet, made with the traditional Marquise soft cotton.

Are There More Baby Hampers with Plush Toys Available at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers includes many plush toys in its baby hampers, so customers can find more baby hampers with beautiful plush toys in our catalogue. If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out the baby range and click on baby hampers to view the entire collection.

Do you need more information about one of the baby hampers available at Everything but Flowers? Feel free to get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team!