Thankyou Complete Baby Bundle

Formulations for the Bathroom, Nappy Bag & Nursery

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This fantastic gift pack, from the socially-conscious Australian company Thankyou, contains their full baby care range, as well as a calico bag so it can all be taken anywhere. The seven luxuriant lotions and ointments will have parents covered whether in the bathroom, the nursery, or the changing room. The set features:

  • Baby Shampoo (300ml)
  • Baby Bath Milk (300ml)
  • Baby Wash (300ml)
  • Baby Lotion (300ml)
  • ‘Mums and Bubs’ Massage Oil (125ml)
  • Nappy Balm (80g)
  • Baby Ointment (40ml)

Having being developed by a team of experts including a specialist GP, parents can have total peace of mind that these products will be safe and gentle on their baby. In fact, buying this pack helps protect babies all over the world, as the profits help provide child and maternal health programs to families in need.

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Thankyou Calico Bag design varies dependant on season. Please Note that the design pictured may not be the bag received.

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Be Prepared for the Baby’s Arrival with the ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle!

Parents always need some essentials before the baby arrives. It is the perfect time to prepare, ensuring that all the basics are present in the home. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find beautiful baby hampers filled with those essentials, so if you still require a good gift for a birth or a christening, be sure to check out the essential baby hampers from Everything but Flowers.

What Is the First Essential Baby Hamper I Should Obtain for a Birth or Baby Shower?

One of the essential baby hampers you can obtain for a birth or a baby shower is the ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle. The ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle is an extensive collection of baby bath products, obtained from popular baby brand ThankYou.

Inside the ThankYou Complete Baby Bundle, customers can find natural baby shampoo, baby bath milk, baby wash, mums and bubs massage oil, nappy balm, and baby ointment. Since these are all essential products for the baby, the new parents are bound to appreciate this selection. It is also worth mentioning that baby products from ThankYou are all made with natural ingredients; this means that all their products are completely free of harmful chemicals!

The benefits mentioned above are just some of the few reasons why you should obtain one of our ThankYou Complete Baby Bundles. Still, there is another reason why this bundle should be your top pick, more specifically the fact that part of the profits is given to child and maternal health programs across Australia. How neat is that?

What Is the Second Essential Baby Hamper I Should Obtain for a Birth or a Baby Shower?

Another essential baby gift basket you could consider for a birth or a baby shower is the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Baby Girl Hamper. Inside this hamper, parents can find many essentials for a little girl; this includes clothing from Marquise and the classic ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ storybooks.

When you choose the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Baby Girl Hamper, you will be giving a nice selection of gourmet nibbles to the new parents as well. To ensure the parents can both enjoy a delightful treat, we included a selection of Morgan’s French Vanilla Almonds; this treat is made with classic French vanilla and genuine Australian almonds.

The ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ Baby Girl Hamper is made for baby girls, but we also have dedicated ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ hampers for baby boys. There is also a ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ hamper in a neutral colour, which can be gifted to both girls and boys. So, our neutral option is certainly a suitable option if you do not know the gender of the baby.

What Is the Third Essential Baby Hamper I Should Obtain for a Birth or a Baby Shower?

Customers who are looking for some essential baby gifts could certainly consider the Sophie and Red Stripes Suit Baby Hamper. The Sophie and Red Stripes Suit Baby Hamper is packed with cute baby gifts; this ranges from baby clothing to books and a useful teether.

The teether included in the Sophie and Red Stripes Baby Hamper is none other than the Sophie La Giraffe Teether in Gift Box. The teether has a long history. It was made for the first time in 1961 and has made its way around the world as the favourite teether of babies.

Our Sophie La Giraffe Teether in Gift Box is made from a natural rubber; this material does not contain the harmful chemicals included in some other toys. The teether is also made with food-grade paint. Food-grade paint is also a natural material without any harmful chemicals. The combination of these materials makes the Sophie La Giraffe Teether the preferred choice of parents as well.

The Sophie and Red Stripes Suit Baby hamper contains some organic clothing from the Pure Baby brand. Each of the clothing pieces is made from 100% organic cotton; this means that no harmful chemicals were used or applied during the production process of the clothing.

In addition to the Pure Baby brand, the Sophie and Red Stripes Suit Baby Hamper also contains a singlet from Marquise. Alongside Pure Baby, Marquise is one of the most beloved Australian baby fashion brands. So, the Sophie and Red Stripes Suit Baby Hamper is the advised choice if you are looking for environmentally-conscious and safe baby essentials.

Does Everything but Flowers Offer More Baby Hampers Packed with Essentials?

Everything but Flowers has many baby hampers with essential baby products, so we only covered a small percentage of the baby gift baskets we have to offer. To see all available baby hampers, simply head over to the baby section on the main menu.