Marquise Pink Stretch Wrap

Soft & Stretchy and Ideal for Swaddling Baby

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This gorgeous stretch wrap from Marquise is the perfect newborn gift for a sweet baby girl. SHe'll be kept cosy at nap time as she's swaddled with this super soft wrap, which can also double for use in the stroller or car as a lightweight blanket or cover.

Featuring super soft fabric that allows baby's skin to breath while swaddled, wrapping baby helps them to feel secure and sleep more soundly, something all new parents will appreciate. Featuring pink, grey and yellow stripes, this gorgeous wrap will blend with any little girl's nursery decor.

At Everything But Flowers, we carefully select our range of baby gifts to make sure we have items in stock to suit all tastes and budgets, and we look forward to delivering a delightful gift for you.

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Discover the Most Functional Presents from Our New Baby Presents and Birthday Presents for Kids Collection!

Most customers look for something functional when it comes to baby presents or birthday presents for kids. So, you will certainly have loads of choices when you need functional baby presents or birthday presents for kids at Everything but Flowers. Curious what our top picks are from both the baby presents and birthday presents collection? Find out in our overview below!

What Are the Most Functional Baby Presents at Everything but Flowers?

We have several recommendations, so we will only cover our bestsellers here. One of our first bestsellers is the Marquise Stretch Wrap, a delightful wrap designed to keep a baby comfortable and warm during nap time. A good stretch wrap from Marquise also enables parents to swaddle their baby.

Our next recommendation is the Areaware Harmony Rattle Double Ball, a present that is often used for the birth of a new baby or a christening. The Areaware Harmony Rattle Double Ball is made with genuine German and Sterling Silver; this combination has also been hand-tuned, which ensures this rattle can deliver an astonishing sixteen tones!

When we mention our most functional items, we cannot forget to mention the Aromatherapy Co. Baby Nourishing Set either. Inside this gift set, parents can find numerous aromatherapy products for their baby, which could help a baby become more relaxed before bedtime. Of course, this hamper also contains some clothing from Marquise and bath products from Bubba Blue, so this gift set provides all the essentials babies need for optimal relaxation.

Another suggestion for babies is the Silver London Bear Money Box by Wedgwood. Even though babies cannot use the money box themselves, it can be used by the parents to put some money for the baby aside. Once the child is a little bigger, he or she can start using this money box and learn all about financial responsibility.

Our last recommendation for babies is the Natural and Organic Baby Hamper. Inside this full organic hamper, customers will only find the safest products for children. It contains products from major organic brands such as Bubba Blue, Nature’s Child, Sophie La Giraffe and EcoStore, so this hamper is not going to disappoint.

What Are the Most Functional Birthday Presents for Toddlers at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers also provides a large collection of functional presents for toddlers too. Below, you will find our top functional picks for toddlers, so be sure to pick anything from this summary when you need some recommendations!

Our first recommendation is the Water Babies Swimming Lessons in Tasmania. The Water Babies Swimming Lessons contain a total of ten sessions. Each session lasts a total of 30 minutes and each session is filled with fun games, singing and swimming pool splashing. In short, an essential experience for any toddler!

The next recommendation from our extensive collection is the World of Peter Rabbit: The Complete Collection of Tales 1 – 23. As the name suggests, this collection of books contains some of the best Beatrix Potter stories. Every child needs some Peter Rabbit books, so with this immense collection of books you certainly ensure every toddler is covered.

Customers could also choose one of our Kitsch Kitchen Clocks, which could make a beautiful addition to a child’s bedroom. Everything but Flowers has a dedicated Kitsch Kitchen Clock for girls and boys, so all customers should do is match the right clock with the right recipient.

If you want to make sure the toddler you need a gift for gets the best head start in life, you could give the toddler something educational. One of the best educational presents for toddlers is the TOLO Stacking Activity Shapes. The TOLO Stacking Activity Shapes contains many different shapes, sounds and colours, so it is bound to keep a toddler interested.

Customers could also choose one of the Modern Twist Bibs, which are available for both girls and boys. The Modern Twist Bibs are made from silicone, so they are perfect to catch spills and stains. The bibs are so easy to clean as well, so the parents will appreciate this wonderful gift as much as toddlers!

Where Can I Find More Functional Gifts for Babies and Toddlers?

Could not find the perfect functional gift for a baby or toddler in our summary? No need for concern, because our collection contains many other functional options. Since we have so many possible presents available, it was difficult to discuss them all in detail here. Fortunately, you can easily find our functional presents by heading over to the main catalogue for toddlers and babies.

Do you need more information about any of our products? Feel free to contact Everything but Flowers to get some additional recommendations or information about a certain product.