Happy Jackson Muslin Cloths

3 big cotton cloths with trendy & bright designs

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Whether it’s time for feeding the baby, changing their nappy, burping them, or playing in the garden, parents are going to want these stylish and incredibly versatile muslin cloths! This gift pack comes with three big cloths, made from 100% cotton, each with a different funky colour combination.

The yellow, green, and black and white cloths, each with a different pattern, are all emblazoned with a slogan that all parents can relate to: ‘SLURP! BURP! FURRRP!’ But luckily, they are machine washable, and quick drying, so they’ll be ready to use again and again. The set was designed and made by Happy Jackson (London), and comes in a bright and colourful cardboard box.

Once the parents of babies or toddlers have received this gift, they’ll wonder how they ever managed without it! Add some of Happy Jackson’s other matching baby accessories, and receive free delivery, Australia-wide, on order over $99!

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