Pale Grey Stripe Singlet Bodysuit 2 Pack

Crafted from Light, Soft, and Durable Cotton

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New parents cycle through baby clothes like they’re riding a bike. After all, baby is filled with all sorts of icky liquids that come out at the most unexpected moments. So though one bodysuit is a nice gift, two is much better! As you may have guess, this awesome Pale Grey Stripe Single Bodysuit 2-Pack comes with two adorable bodysuits, each with a sweet pattern. These 100% organic cotton outfits have popper buttons for simple diaper changes. They’re also machine-washable. Size: 0-3 months.

Baby will feel super comfortable wearing these charming and eco-friendly bodysuits! To make a baby shower or christening gift out of this awesome set, be sure to personalise a premium greeting card during checkout.

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Help Keep New Parents Stocked Up With Essentials

New parents have probably read highly informative books, watched TV programmes about babies, and feel they're quite prepared – until the baby arrives, screaming! Feed me! Change me! Guess why I'm crying now! And again now! Change my nappy! And so it goes, day after day, night after night – so give these new parents a hand with your newborn gifts, they need it!

If you've ever learned the theory of something, and then have gone into the practice, the same subject can suddenly seem completely different. Parents do go into shock when they first have a baby, and newborn gifts that are useful to help them navigate the first few months are a huge blessing.

There are so many different types of baby gifts and gifts for newborns you can give. Babies need and love plenty of stimulation, and their bodies get stimulated a lot too – which is why there are so many liquids coming out of them when parents least expect it!

Bodysuits And Onesies – The Baby's Everyday Outfit

Newborn gifts fall into only a few categories, and one of them is clothing. The amount of changing of clothes that goes on in the first few months is staggering. Giving clothing for newborn gifts, especially our clothing, which is fabulous and the parents will love, are gifts for newborns that will be a huge help. The Pale Grey Strip Singlet Bodysuit pack of two bodysuits are excellent newborn gifts because they're made from organic materials, which shows you care about the baby, and that you are very clever buying organic cotton. Also these bodysuits will be very useful!

Parents can be very self-conscious about what their baby wears. If you stick with us, you can be confident your newborn gifts will be worn by the baby because we select only the most attractive clothes as newborn gifts. Check out our Marquise range of baby clothes. Their newborn gifts are so beautiful for baby, they're designer baby clothes at an affordable price. They're also excellent newborn gifts because some of their lovely outfits are made for chillier weather.

Blankets Are Essential Newborn Gifts

It's vital that newborns are kept at a healthy temperature. On chillier nights, special baby blankets are perfect for keeping baby warm. They're not too heavy, and the baby blankets on our website look awesome, so you'll be giving newborn gifts that are practical and look amazing. Check them out and see how you can give fabulous newborn gifts that parents will adore.

We have the excellent brand Weegoamigo who make wonderful blankets that look stylish and fun with playful designs. They're machine-washable too, which is always a massive plus with newborn gifts for busy parents. New parents are usually busy, tired, and sometime overwhelmed. This is why buying newborn gifts, like attractive and useful baby blankets, can be such a help. Having plenty of back-up with the baby paraphernalia can save parents a lot of stress, which is always good!