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Channelling a refined crafty vibe with a smattering of nature, Melbourne-based label Wilson & Frenchy have managed to roll a whole lot of thoughtfulness into one adorable baby brand. Sure, your bundle will look amazingly sharp in any one of their items, but the beauty of Wilson and Frenchy is more than one layer deep. Each design is printed on the finest threads of cotton. And only in factories that proudly wear the fair trade sticker. What s more, each design is unique having been individually illustrated by hands with over a decade s experience. Wilson and Frenchy are proud to share their creations with you. And hope you re just as proud to show them off. SIZE: small, 0-3 months FABRIC: 100% premium fair trade cotton

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Wilson & Frenchys Fly Away Knot Hat

No matter what time of the year it is, babies must have their head covered for protection against the harsh weather. If you have a newborn baby of your own, youd know how baby hats can make them feel comfortable whenever you bring them outdoors and even indoors. Aside from that, their overall look wont be complete without a hat. They look more put together with a head covering as compared to wearing just the classic one piece bodysuit matched with socks. With this in mind, it makes sense to make sure your baby wears a knot hat whenever necessary. On the other hand, if your intention is to give presents for baby, specifically for newborn babies, youll make the right choice by picking the Fly Away Knot Hat from the renowned and trusted label Wilson & Frenchy.
Important Considerations When Choosing Knot Hats as Presents for Baby
Knot hats are undoubtedly some of the most adorable accessories for young babies. When finding one as presents for baby, its important to look closely at the quality of the material used for the product. Newborn babies have sensitive skin so the fabric used for the knot hat should not irritate their skin in any way. Aside from that, the knot hats design should be versatile enough, so matching it with other clothes wont be a struggle for the parent. Lastly, it should provide enough coverage for the babys head to ensure that he or she is kept nice and warm. If the knot hats size perfectly fits the babys head, it will look great too when taking first photo shots while in the hospital or at home.
Let Your Baby Turn Heads Everywhere With the Fly Away Knot Hat
The Fly Away Knot Hat, one of Wilson & Frenchys cutest fair trade creations, meets all these considerations when buying the best knot hats as presents for baby. In just a single look, youll see that this cute knot hat is made with style and quality in mind. With its soft colours, it will easily match with other clothes for an amazingly sharp look when baby is out for a quick stroll or a visit to the doctor. The little bundle of joy will sure turn heads not just for the irresistible giggles but also for the stylish look even at a young age.
Get the Fly Away Knot Hat Now From Everything But Flowers
Everything But Flowers believes that a comfortable baby is a happy baby. For this reason, we are proud to sell the adorable fair trade creations from Wilson & Frenchy including the Fly Away Knot Hat. So if you have a newborn niece, nephew, or a neighbour whos going to have a baby soon, make both mum and baby happy by giving them this cute and comfortable knot hat. Purchase it now while its in stock and give it away together with other delightful and charming presents for baby from Everything But Flowers. The recipients of your adorable presents for baby will surely be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness.