My 1st Duck & Butterfly Rattles

Beautiful Wooden Rattles for Eco-Friendly Parents

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How precious are these Bright Sparks My 1st Duck & Butterfly Rattles?! This 2-piece set includes two FSC-certified rattles crafted out of eco-friendly European Beech wood. Each rattle features a simple, yet ingenious design; as baby plays, the shape in the middle of the toy spins and slides to make a satisfying rattling sound. The natural rattles are not painted or stained, making them safe and ideal for any baby.

We love these Bright Sparks My 1st Duck & Butterfly Rattles and we know eco-friendly parents will love them too! The rattles are suitable for newborns from birth and are lovely christening gifts. Personalise this present during checkout with a delightful greeting card and premium gift-wrapping.

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Make Some Noise With Baby Gifts!

Why don't know the reason, but babies love to make noise, which is why gifts for babies that rattle, toot, make music, sound like choo choo trains and all kinds of other pings and bangs are excellent baby gifts. Maybe it's because babies are immune to a racket, since they can sleep through a rock concert! It could also be because they're new to the world, and baby gifts they can hear, feel and touch – any sensory gifts for baby – are so fascinating for them.

We have some marvellous baby gifts that will be tons of fun for them. Our selection of rattles are timeless gifts for babies that are a favourite first toy. The rattles at Everything But Flowers are designed to be easy for babies to hold – and of course throw out of the pram – as the babies inevitably will do!

Think Of The Parents With Your Baby Gifts

It is good to make sure the primary carer of the baby is feeling as happy as an exhausted human being can! You don't want them driven crackers by extremely noisy baby gifts. Our soft toy rattlers muffle the noises, because the rattles are encased in a beautiful plush toy. These are lovely gifts for babies since they look beautiful, are safe to hold, and they don't make too much noise... just enough for baby. With these types of gifts for babies, they get to feel, see and hear at the same time, so they're baby gifts that the little ones adore.

If the new parents are feeling invigorated and excited, they'll quickly get used to the noises. They'll want to be completely confident that any baby presents they receive are gifts that are safe for baby. The My 1st Duck & Butterfly Rattles are made from eco-friendly wood. They're not stained or painted, so as long as they're clean they're ok for the baby to suckle, and they have soft edges, so they are very safe gifts for babies.<,/p>

These rattles are very attractive too – babies do enjoy pretty toys because they are very visual. Their eyes are drawn to wonderful colours and shapes, so good looking baby gifts are important too. Especially if they make a noise! Have you noticed how, if a baby gift is quiet, at some stage babies will hit it off a hard surface? Just to hear the noise!

Buying rattlers as gifts for babies that appeal to the parents is important too, which is why ours make such awesome baby gifts. Here at Everything But Flowers we search far and wide for the very best baby gifts, so you can be confident you'll be giving parents baby gifts that will look beautiful, and will also be safe for babies. Take a look throughout our baby and newborn gifts section – you'll find so many baby presents to choose from, you'll be sure to find standout baby gifts that will delight both babies and parents, which is like hitting the bullseye!